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Sunday, April 19, 11:08 p.m.

All Maine Women involved with campus activities, leadership

The All Maine Women is an honor society of senior female students. They can be easy to spot on campus. They are the ones with the tiny pine tree stickers on their cheeks.

Keri Lyle, vice president of the group, said the women wear the stickers on the right side of their faces one day a week. They also wear sweaters and pins.

“Our attire distinguishes us as members of the All Maine Women,” said Lyle. “Members of the society are distinguished leaders, scholars and outstanding female role models who are active in community service, display Maine spirit and have the potential for continued service to UMaine.”

The society was founded in 1925 by then university President Clarence Little. The dean of women, who at the time was Carolyn Colvin, played a role in the group’s beginning as well.

Women cannot nominate themselves for the society. Lyle says there is a process that each member goes through.

“Nominees are selected by a committee of administrators, faculty, coaches, alumni and student leaders in the spring of each year,” she said. “All Maine women facilitates the process, but does not nominate candidates.”

The male counterpart group of the All Maine Women is the Senior Skulls. The two groups often step up and help out the campus when events come up. Most recently, the group has helped staff information booths at both the craft fair during homecoming and at the organizational fair on friends and family weekend.

The group is gearing up for their annual November project, when they assemble three huge Thanksgiving baskets, each providing a week’s worth of food for families of four who are sheltered by the Spruce Run Women’s Shelter.

Currently, the group is working with Student Employment and Volunteer Services to sell Hurricane Relief bracelets. They also sponsored Halloween Late Night in the Union this weekend.

With all of their current efforts, Lyle said their mission remains the same as it has always been.

“As All Maine Women, we pledge to uphold and promote the ideals, standards and traditions of the University of Maine,” said Lyle. “We serve the President’s Office, the Alumni Association and the University of Maine Foundation.”

“Of all UMaine’s student groups, All Maine Women is among the most impressive,” said UMaine President Robert Kennedy in a society press release. “The group’s members have impressed me enormously with their academic achievements, selfless dedication to the university, service orientation and leadership.”

A group of a dozen women, the All Maine Women hail from varying backgrounds, such as business, women’s studies, history, English, education, marketing, journalism and engineering.

“Members of All Maine Women truly are the consummate role models for UMaine women,” said Kennedy.