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Wednesday, Oct. 7, 3:46 p.m.
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Letters to the editor

A safe campus

After reading the front page of The Maine Campus on Monday, we felt the need to remind our community of available resources and opportunities to speak out about sexual violence. There are always people available for anyone to talk to in confidence or to get information from. These resources include: Safe Campus Project at 581-2515; Rape Response Services at 1-800-310-0000; the Spruce Run shelter at 1-800-863-9909; Counseling Center at 581-1392; UM Public Safety at 581-4040; and the Office of Community Standards at 581-1409.

There are also several events happening on campus where people can voice their experiences and opinions. On April 10 and 12 you can “Try Walking in My Shoes” – decorate a shoe to tell your story of sexual violence and domestic abuse. On April 20 there is a “Take Back the Night” march where people are again given the opportunity to express their experience of how sexual violence and domestic abuse has affected their lives. We would like to urge our community to attend these events, to seek out these resources, and to get involved.

Talking is a large step towards a safer campus – talk about your experiences, talk about consent – remember that consent is needed every time you engage in a sexual act – talk with your sexual partners about what you do and don’t want to do. By starting a dialog about this we can promote awareness of how sexual violence impacts us all. Cut this article out and give it to a friend. Then talk with them about this. Begin the dialog!

Joseph Sargent

Students for a Safe Campus