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Sunday, April 19, 11:08 p.m.
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Mae raises rape awareness with rock and roll show

The seventh annual Rock Against Rape concert took place on Saturday night. The show featured two great bands, a speaker with an influential message of awareness and two women who nearly vomited all over Mae. What could be better than that?

Portland-based band, Lost on Liftoff, opened the night with a polished and clean set. Their sound was reminiscent of Cartel and Yellowcard. Lead singer Walt Craven impressed the crowd with his range during their signature song, “Naked and Wasted.”

After Lost on Liftoff, a speaker bravely took the stage to stress the importance of rape awareness. Emily Parkhurst of the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, a former victim of rape herself, brought to light the seriousness of Rock Against Rape. She informed the crowd that one of every six college-aged women will be raped. Her story was moving and she energized the crowd by stating, “Nights like tonight are about breaking the silence!”

Parkhurst’s personal account of rape and abuse was somber and changed the atmosphere of the concert. Everyone went silent, and it was apparent her message was getting through.

After Parkhurst’s speech, the crowd was amped up and ready to rock. Mae took the stage and opened up with their hit single, “Suspension.” The first song ended and the band called for a hot dog eating contest to take place on stage – male versus female, nine dogs apiece.

The male contestant, Joey, wimped out after eating only two dogs, giving Hillary the victory for the ladies. But she didn’t get off so easy. Another woman, Molly, took the stage and an all-female battle ensued. The hot dog extravaganza continued for the remainder of the show, Mae playing around the devourers.

The ladies eventually appeared on the verge of projectile vomiting. One rushed off stage to do just that. Mae’s lead guitarist helped out with the contest by playing a whole song while eating a hot dog – not an easy task. Even Dave Elkins, lead singer and hot dog lover, professed a bit of disgust.

Mae had a refreshing sound that was a combination of Coldplay and Dashboard Confessional. Mae is currently in the studio, so they welcomed a change of pace with a live, outdoor show.

“We’ve been on the Vans Warped Tour and have pretty much traveled the entire country, except we’ve only been to Maine once before,” Elkins said. “It was a great opportunity for us to come back tonight. It’s really refreshing and good for us.”

Sigma Phi Epsilon has put on yet another successful Rock Against Rape. Approximately 1,000 students attended. The Safe Campus Project and Peer Education Program booths got a lot of visitors. The bands were terrific and, most importantly, the message of awareness got out.

“It was a very successful night. There was a great turnout and everyone seemed like they had a fun time,” SigEp President Owen McCarthy said.