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Wednesday, Oct. 7, 3:46 p.m.

Third UM administrator leaves for Connecticut board

A third University of Maine administrator has left the university to serve the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities Board of Regents for Higher Education, a group developed in 2011 to oversee the state’s four regional universities, 12 community colleges and one online college.

Elaine Clark, former UMaine vice president for facilities management, real estate and planning, worked her last day at UMaine on Feb. 24 and started her new position in Connecticut as vice president for real estate, facilities and infrastructure planning on March 1.

Clark was a UMaine employee for six years. In an email on Tuesday, she said her salary in Connecticut is $150,000 a year, up from an approximate $123,000 at UMaine in 2011.

According to, Clark’s salary at UMaine was $114,538 in 2010 with more than $55,000 in benefits.

“When the opportunity to come to Connecticut presented itself … I found it irresistible,” Clark wrote

While some positions created for the board were open to applicants, Clark was appointed. She said she was not asked to apply for the position.

“From a ‘facilities’ perspective, the position represented an opportunity to more efficiently administer programs, share resources, and collaborate,” she wrote.

Last year, former UMaine administrators Robert Kennedy and Steven Weinberger also left the university for the board of regents.

Kennedy stepped down as UMaine president at the end of June 2011 with the understanding that he would return to teach biology after a semester-long sabbatical, a plan that came into question when he was appointed the interim head of the new board in August. Kennedy was confirmed as the president of the board of regents by the Connecticut State Senate on Feb. 29.

In September 2011, The Maine Campus reported that Kennedy’s yearly salary in Connecticut is $340,000 with the opportunity for $25,000 in bonus pay. According to, Kennedy’s salary at UMaine in 2010 was $207,977 with $100,661 in benefits.

Weinberger was the assistant vice president for Human Resources until Oct. 14, 2011. He earned $103,581 in salary and $50,133 in benefits at UMaine in 2010, according to

The Maine Campus reported in November 2011 that Weinberger’s position in Connecticut as the board’s head of human resources came with a pay raise of $21,285.