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Wednesday, Oct. 7, 3:46 p.m.

Grove needs to clean its act up for its tenants’ sake

Imagine walking out of your apartment to see someone lying on the ground, bleeding profusely, his eyes rolling back in his head with people surrounding him, frantically calling 911. That was the scene I witnessed Friday night at The Grove, and that was only a part of what went down.

When you look outside and see a fire truck, ambulance, three police cruisers and security vehicles, you know something is up, and whatever it is, it’s probably not good. I threw on some shoes and decided to take a closer look. After passing the kid who was being tended to by EMTs at this point, I continued to see why all the police officers were there. Out of nowhere, two kids sprinted by me as if their lives depended on it and in not-so-hot pursuit were at least three cops who appeared very winded. This was absolute mayhem.

I continued on when all of a sudden a door whipped open and a fight spilled out onto the sidewalk. By now more cops had arrived and quickly responded to the fight by breaking it up and trying to cool things down.

I eventually headed back inside, as it was getting late and I figured all of the action was over — but no. Hearing yelling, I looked outside my bedroom window to a huge mob of cops sprinting after someone in-between buildings.

Uncontrolled chaos was The Grove in a nutshell this past weekend. Security has been becoming more lax and the gates haven’t been used in what seems like over a month, allowing anyone and everyone who wants to come in and out the complete freedom to do so.

Ever since that first move-in weekend, security has had less and less of a presence in The Grove. I am not saying that I support being questioned everywhere I go, but for the overall safety and peace of mind of everyone living here, some sort of order needs to be maintained.

Fights and parties aren’t the only problem, however. There has been a lot of vandalism to both buildings and cars, which has undoubtedly costs residents and The Grove management a huge amount of money.

I was thinking to myself while I was witnessing Friday’s absurd display of debauchery that if I were a more vulnerable person, I wouldn’t exactly feel safe walking around with brawls and foot chases left and right. The Grove needs to figure out a way to mitigate these incidents without being too overbearing on students’ social lives. Yes, college is supposed to be fun; but there needs to be a healthy balance between fun and social order.