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Wednesday, Oct. 7, 3:46 p.m.

What is the reasoning for going out and drinking?

It’s Friday afternoon and you just got out of class. You chit chat with your friends as you walk back to your car to head home. “Hey, what are you doing tonight?” one of your friends asks. “Not sure yet” is usually the response, “but when I hear of something I’ll let you know.” You go on your way, back to your apartment to unwind after the long week and get ready for what’s ahead. By the time 8 p.m. rolls around, your plans are set and you head over to a friend’s to pregame before you go out. When you walk in, sure enough, there’s alcohol and girls: the two things you came for.

What is the point of partying? Of drinking? What is the real reason that college kids love to go out? It’s simple. College kids drink and party with one goal in mind: to increase their chances of hooking up.

Obviously the movies and media glorify this by portraying raucous parties with wild orgies in every room of a house, but that is a slight exaggeration. Yes, going to a party can be a lot of fun if you know people there and are socially inclined, but there’s more to it that isn’t so conspicuous.

Why would girls spend so much time on their hair, makeup and choosing outfits that leave just about nothing to the imagination if they weren’t trying to impress and attract people, and why would guys wear their brand new Nikes with the freshest Polo button-down shirt in their closets when they go out? I hate to break it to you but the guy is clearly hoping that the mallet-holding man riding a horse embroidered onto the breast of his shirt will catch the eye of a cute girl at the party and increase the chances of his ultimate goal for the night: to hook up.

Already having the highest libido of any age group, college-aged kids are known for always being in the mood. When alcohol is mixed in with already high hormone levels, it adds fuel to the fire and things can escalate quicker. This “liquid courage,” as it is sometimes referred to, serves to relax you, making you feel more comfortable in a large group of people that you may have never met before.

I concur that it is much easier to interact with a bunch of strangers when you have a buzz and are in a party environment, further supporting my hypothesis that college kids drink when they party because it makes it easier to interact in hopes of hooking up.

It’s very interesting to think about, but I hope this really makes you think about the real reason people party and drink. Yes, it is 100 percent possible to have fun and hookup being stone-cold sober, but the social norms in our era suggest differently. We drink to loosen up in hopes of hooking up.

So why do you party and drink? Is it to have fun with your friends, or is there something else influencing what you do?