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Sunday, April 19, 11:08 p.m.

UMaine’s Mike Allison a defensive fixture for men’s basketball

The University of Maine men’s basketball team is 7-11 this season, 5-2 at home, and have won four of their last seven games. Senior center Mike Allison has been a large contributor in the Black Bears recent success.

“We started kind of slow but have improved as we got into conference play,” Allison said.We should have played better against [The University of] Albany and [The University of] Hartford.”

He continued, saying, “We are talented, but we need to play together better and find the right person at the right spot.”

The 6-foot-9-inch forward has been a solid player for UMaine in his final season, averaging seven points per game and shooting over 54 percent from the fieldgood for second on the team. Allison is also second on the team in rebounds, with 120 and a season high of 17.

“We’ve rebounded well this year and our driving has been good, but we need to be more open for three’s and decrease our turnovers,” he said.

Allison also believes that staying aggressive and locking down shooters are the keys to the Black Bears upcoming games.

Despite his well-played season, Allison isn’t concerned about himself.

“I’ve done well but stats don’t matter as long as I help the team win,” he said.

Allison is also in his final season with the Black Bears after four years with the team.

“It’s scary to think I only have 12 regular season games left, but I feel like I’ve improved since I was a freshman, even though I can still play better,” he said.

The Black Bears will need him to keep playing well and get better in these last games if they wish to complete a turnaround.

Allison has aspirations after UMaine including basketball and further his schooling.

“I would like to play overseas, but [I] still need a passport,” Allison said. “Otherwise, I’d like to go to chiropractor school.”