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Sunday, April 19, 11:08 p.m.

Local summer festival Kah-Bang looking for interns

The local music scene has exploded in Bangor in recent years with the KahBang Music Festival coming to the scene in August of 2009 and the Waterfront Concerts starting up in 2010.

In just a few years after its start, popularity has increased and KahBang is now the biggest camping and music festival in New England. Bangor is on the rise of becoming a hotspot for up-and-coming artists.

It takes help in numbers to pull off a successful event. Since the popularity of the festival is growing so quickly, Marketing Director for KahBang Sarah Eremita announced that there is a need for interns.

Because the event has so many working parts, it takes a team of people with different backgrounds and skill sets to achieve the success that they have today.

Eremita noted that interns come from all over the country each year to interview for internships and cooperative education positions, but she also made sure to mention that KahBang always looks to UMaine and NESCOM students as well.

All internship positions start as general interns until strengths and weakness are established. “We get them into a specialized intern,” Eremita said. “Someone interning in marketing might turn into a film intern…We want [interns] to have a good time but we want it to be real and valuable […] and get something out of it.”

Eremita herself started as intern and recalled she had a unique experience. “You get thrown into the mix — in a good way,” she said, mentioning it was not like other internships of getting coffee and filing papers. Internship positions at KahBang “thrive on creativity and specialties,” she added.

Eremita stressed it is not particularly important to be caught up with the music scene “because there are so many different aspects of KahBang.”

Some recognizable past performers on KahBang’s stages have included Wale, Bassnectar, Spose, Lazerdisk Party Sex, Deftones, Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B, OK Go, Biz Markie, Re-Up, Matt & Kim and Ra Ra Riot.

Eremita says that most artists are either up and coming or unheard of when they perform at KahBang, but she urges it’s important for festival-goers to be able to become fans of undiscovered artists. Interns are able to be hands-on with the planning for the concerts by being engaged in the selection of musicians, artist and filmmakers.

KahBang is a four-day event that includes far more than just music — it’s also a film festival. People submit their films under a selection of different categories. According to their website, the film festival “[is] looking for the best in emerging cinema, new filmmakers, new voices, [and] new stories.

“The KahBang Art Festival hosts pop-up galleries and exhibitions in downtown Bangor and on the Bangor Waterfront,” as described on the website. It encompasses and “focuses on bringing a variety of different artists into its galleries and spaces.”

Applications are being accepted until March 1, and all inquires should be emailed to

For more information go to the KahBang website.