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Wednesday, Oct. 7, 3:46 p.m.

Clinton should be seen as viable presidential candidate for 2016

I know what you’re thinking: Who’s gonna be the next president? President Obama’s second and final inauguration was this past week, and we need to look for someone willing to run the country once he has brought change for the next four years.

The candidate should know his or her stuff — I mean the nitty-gritty of the White House. I know that the person I have in mind has already spent eight years in that god awful place, but dammit she can get things done. Hillary Rodham Clinton: secretary of state, senator of New York, first lady, humanitarian.

One of the most influential women of the past two decades, Hillary Clinton has the skills to pay the bills. Not a single secretary of state has had more public approval when leaving office than she’s had since the end of World War II. The now-former secretary is by far the most qualified person to take the reins and bring this country out of the slump it is in.

A Yale Law graduate, Clinton was very influential as first lady to her husband when he wasgovernor of Arkansas and then President of the U.S.. In 2000, she ran for New York state senator and was reelected to the same position in 2006. Her position in the senate was a positive one, serving on senate committees for budget, health care, labor and education.

Her ability to have her own views, although at times different from her party, catapulted her to a position of respect among the press and the people of the world. She has had a firm stance on women’s rights and for women around the world to have access to affordable health care and education.

As senator she agreed with the invasion of Afghanistan, knowing that it would help bring women out of repression in a country that desperately needed it. She was also very concerned for the troops sent to Iraq, seeing first hand how the deployments were affecting their well being. This led to policies she helped put into practice like the increase in the size of the U.S. army during that period.

After losing the presidential nomination to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton was thought to be his choice for vice president. In all actuality the president had Joe Biden in mind and sought her for secretary of state. This position in my eyes is on par with the presidency. Not only do you negotiate legislature internally, as secretary of state you are the guy or gal that has to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Having already been the first lady for eight years, Clinton was fit for the job. She has friends in all the right places and rekindled bonds with countries that we lost during the Bush years. This can be an amazing advantage to her if she were to become president. The country would not have to deal with a switching-out of faces attached to shoulder pads and would be able to get down to work, continuing to move the country in the right direction. You may think that it is far too early to think about who will be chosen to be the next head of state, but let me sow a seed in your mind — Washington is already on it.

I don’t know about you, but I have this to say to Hillary Clinton: Remind those worn out bureaucrats in Washington that progress still exists, and you are just the woman we need to propel us into the future. We shall look on for the next four years to see how things will pan out for our nation. My hope is that this country is not on its last breath due largely in part to people like you, Mrs. Clinton. I am eager to see your name on the 2016 ballot.

Antonio Addessi is a third-year psychology student with a minor in Marxism and socialism.