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Wednesday, Oct. 7, 3:46 p.m.

Dance Club presents Emerging Dance

Growing program filled with students from many backgrounds

The University of Maine’s School of Performing Arts hosted “Emerging Dance” at Minsky Hall Thursday evening. The event was introduced by the president UMaine’s Dance Club, Jaymie Cyr, who showed confidence that the program is gaining momentum.

“Our dance program has actually grown quite a bit,” Cyr said. “The fall showcase is actually a new thing. We’ve only had it around for a couple of years. […] We have a bunch of students involved in the program.”

Cyr, who is studying food science and human nutrition, said the variety of students in the dance program is interesting.

“We have a little bit of everything,” Cyr said. “We’re all majoring in something else, and we do this because we love dancing and we believe in it.”

There is no dance major offered at the UMaine: The program is only offered as a minor. However, there are many opportunities for students to get on stage. For example, the program works with many student dance organizations, including the dance club, tap club, hip-hop club and a new ballet club. These clubs offer students the chance to choreograph their own dance routines.

“We’re pretty self-sufficient,” Cyr said. “We do funding for the clubs that do need money. We’re determined to get shows done.”

The next Emerging Dance performance will be in April, and admission will be free. During the beginning of May, the program will host a spring showcase.

“I graduate [in May],” Cyr said. “but my hope is the dance program keeps going.”