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Tuesday, Sept. 29, 1:12 p.m.

Rec. Center, intramurals key components to campus life

The great state of Maine is known for having friendly people who are laid back and willing to help a neighbor out. The state’s biggest and strongest asset is the people who live here, and I believe the University of Maine reflects a similar appeal. Smart, hard-working and friendly people envelop the university, and this is experienced on a daily basis. But what are the next strongest and most important assets to the university? That’s easy, the New Balance Student Recreation Center and the intramural sports program.

Not only is the New Balance Recreation Center a spectacular building, but people are playing basketball, lifting weights, running on the treadmill or doing any of the million things that the gym offers. There is a positive energy that you experience when you enter — one that motivates and builds self-confidence.

Obviously working out is a great way to promote physical health, but many people don’t understand how beneficial working out can be for your mind as well. Sometimes, in the dead of winter, you can experience the commonly called “winter blues.” Exercising, even a few times a week, can help improve your mood, motivation and overall self-esteem.

For some, working out is boring and monotonous. Well there is a solution to that, and it’s called intramural sports. Every year, hundreds of students participate in the intramural sports that are offered through Campus Recreation. For nearly every sport you can imagine, there is an intramural or club league, with men’s, women’s and co-ed leagues, as well as Greek and independent leagues.

Intramurals here at UMaine, I feel, are under-advertised. The word needs to be spread because of how fun and competitive they really are. All of the sports and leagues are well organized, and the games are officiated by trained referees. Special events are offered throughout the the year, like triathlons, cross-country ski races, swim meets and bench-press competitions.

Not motivated to work out by yourself, and not into sports but want to get some sort of exercise? That’s not a problem: Fitness classes are offered daily, and most of them are free! Taught by certified personal trainers, there really is something for everyone at the Recreation Center.

So get off your butt and have some fun this winter, despite all of the snow. If you are interested in any programs or have any questions, you can look on the Campus Recreation website. Photos, video and schedules for intramurals can be found on the intramurals Facebook page, UMaine Intramural Sports.

Dodge Tucker is a second-year finance and accounting student.