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Sunday, April 19, 11:08 p.m.

Student Women’s Association preparing for 13th annual ‘ Vagina Monologues’

The Student Women’s Association will host their 13th annual performance of “Vagina Monologues,” which will be held Feb. 21 and 22 at 7:30 p.m. in 101 Neville Hall.

“Vagina Monologues” is an episodic play written in 1996 by Eve Ensler. The play was first performed in New York City in a small coffee shop and quickly rose to popularity. It has been translated into 48 languages and performed in over 140 countries.

“The Vagina Monologues [was] written by Eve Ensler who based the play off of over 200 interviews with women about sex, violence against women, and their relationship experiences,” Delany Guerino, fourth year secondary education student, explained in an email.

Guerino is co-directing the play with Shannon Brenner, third year sociology student and Kaiya Torrey, fourth year student of ecology and environmental sciences.

“This performance is meant to celebrate female sexuality, as well as raise awareness about violence against women,” Guerino added.

“Each monologue is a different woman’s story. Some monologues are funny, some are serious and some have a certain shock value to them,” Casey Weed, third year journalism student and co-chair of SWA, wrote in an email.

“I’m not personally performing. […] SWA members are in the show as well, but you don’t have to be in SWA to be in the Monologues. We held open auditions in December,” Weed wrote.

Guerino said there will be a small cast this year, with only 14 women in total to perform “The Vagina Monologues.”

“The play itself raises awareness about female experiences and emphasizing female empowerment,” Weed explained.

“The show typically attracts a wide range of people from women to men to college students and community members. For some it’s about the purpose of the show and for others it may just be pure entertainment,” Weed wrote.

“Either way, we’re getting the message across, and that’s what we’re aiming for,” Weed added.

The show will also serve as a fundraiser and the proceeds will be split between Mabel Wadsworth Health Center, Rape Response Services, Spruce Run and V-Day — the last of which is the campaign responsible for the “Vagina Monologues.”

“Vagina Monologues” is comprised of different monologues that cover different issues, featuring different ages and backgrounds. According to playwright Eve Ensler’s website, the female voices of the monologue include a 6-year-old girl, a New Yorker, a rape survivor and a feminist, just to name a few.

Guerino reported this year she will be performing “My Angry Vagina,” a sketch about a Bosnian woman who was subjected to rape camps.

“This event is important to me because I think that female sexuality is still such a taboo subject in our culture, when it shouldn’t be,” Guerino wrote.

“I love putting on such a powerful production with women who are passionate about the same ideas that I am,” Guerino added.

“Day one of rehearsal [you are] surrounded by a group of strangers and, by show time [you] leave surrounded by a group of friends. I have met the strongest, most influential, beautiful friends from being in this show for the past two years,” Guerino wrote, reflecting on her experience.

Guerino reported that is common for people to be nervous to come to this show for the first time because they aren’t sure what to expect; however, she urges “it is truly a worthwhile experience.”

Inferring from the event’s success in the past, Weed suggests buying tickets early because both shows sold out last year.

SWA will be selling tickets in the Union from Tuesday to Friday leading up to the event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tickets are $6 for students with Mainecard and $8 for non-students.