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Monday, Oct. 27, 9:27 a.m.


50 Cents: Alex Chasse

Age: 20
Major: History and Secondary Education
Hometown:  Fort Kent, Maine
Editor’s Note: 50 Cents is a weekly article where a M.C. staffer will sit with a sign reading “Interviews 50 cents” and wait to see what happens, gleaning …

Walking with a Ghost: UMaine’s storied and haunted buildings

The University of Maine campus is the home of multiple buildings that have been suspect of paranormal activity. With the campus itself being nearly 150 years old, some of its oldest buildings include Estabrooke, Balentine and …

Poetry slam: behind the microphone

Standing behind a microphone in front of an almost-full Minsky Recital Hall, I was “shivering with anticipation” as one of my poetry classmates so accurately put it.
Although the faces in the audience were shadowy, I could …

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CD Reviews

Review: Music-David Rees, “AphexSwift”

Rating: 7.5
From 2001 to 2009, David Rees produced a well-known series of comics, “Get Your War On.” In 2010, he started an artisanal pencil sharpening service, where interested parties could mail their pencils to him and …

Film Reviews

Top five horror films

It’s the time of year when you gather around in the living room and watch those movies that make you scream, squirm, and listen for things that go bump in the night. A few personal favorites …

Style & Culture

Column: Documentary Theater: Film addresses state of the once-thriving Mediterranean Sea

This week’s film is the recent undersea documentary “Sharks of the Mediterranean: A Vanishing Kingdom,” a relatively obscure film that started streaming on Netflix back in June. The film has no IMDB entry, no official website …

Column: Adventure Time-Skydiving, a calculated risk

Skydiving is not often the first thing one hears on a list of someone’s hobbies, unless you ask Michael Ostromecky. The University of Maine engineering student, who now has 74 jumps under his belt, researched the …

Column: How I Hear It- Basic introduction to recording, mixing, mastering

Although the artist’s name is on the record, the person you hear the loudest on a recording might be the producer, the person who has a big hand in recording, mixing and mastering the record, oftentimes …

Review: Game- “Delta Rising”

Rating: 8.5
“Star Trek” fans have had a limited video game selection in recent years. “Star Trek Online” has proven to be the only “Star Trek” game that provides a healthy amount of lore while providing a …