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Sunday, March 29, 11:14 p.m.


Presentation inspires hope for bird rehabilitation

A bald eagle sits on a Bangor sidewalk, dazed from lead poisoning, as people clutter around, fumbling with their phones to take a close-up picture of the grounded raptor. Elsewhere, a loon has become tangled in …

Jungle Fever

Ecology students learn more than science on Amazon trip

What did you do for Spring Break?
Did you go to Cancun, Canada or somewhere in between? Or did you just stay home, wearing out your hard drive watching Netflix, eating pints of ice cream on the …

Microfilm: Outmoded, Yet Irreplaceable

Hidden in plain sight lies one of Fogler Library’s greatest assets, a resource often ignored by students due to its passé nature: microfilm, the gateway to journalistic history.
Even though microfilm can be difficult to use, the …

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CD Reviews

Music Review: Action Bronson, “Mr. Wonderful”

Rating: 9
Without having even heard his music, Action Bronson is a gigantic personality and he is capable of getting by on that fact alone. He recently finished hosting the first season of his online Vice food …

Film Reviews

Film Review: “Kingsman: The Secret Service”

Rating: 6.5
To some, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” could be considered a high energy entertainment romp, but to others it might be a film that can’t quite make up its mind.
“Kingsman” is about Eggsy, a teenager with …

Style & Culture

Game Review: “Final Fantasy Type 0 HD”

Rating: 4
Improved graphics, rebalanced combat and a localization for a game never before seen in America. These are just some of the reasons you should avoid “Final Fantasy Type 0 HD.”
Square Enix’s first step into the …

Outdoors Month at the Maine Campus

Welcome back,
Over Spring Break, I took a week for a much-needed mental hiatus. As the final days of my vacation ran down and the impending completion of my thesis hung over my head, I looked down …

Game Review: Ori and The Blind Forest

Rating: 7
If you’re looking for a challenging, side-scrolling, action-filled, role-playing game with an emotional, high-fantasy story, then “Ori and The Blind Forest from Moon Studios” may be for you. Ori, however, is not for everyone.
Ori falls into …

Column: Study Abroad Insights and Essentials — A week of travels

I was fortunate enough to visit three new countries during two weekend trips, one through my study abroad group and one on my own. With so many amazing sights and memories, I attempted to recap the highlights …