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Sunday, Sept. 21, 10:58 p.m.


Rock Against Rape Preview

Basscamp will headline this year’s Rock Against Rape on Friday, Sept. 26. The event, organized by the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon (Sig Ep), will go from 4 to 10 p.m. at the Steward Commons Quad, …

Nazi Hunter speaks about his experiences

Those who regularly scan the events calendar on the University of Maine website may have spotted a peculiar event title for this last Thursday.
“My Life as a Nazi Hunter,” the latest in the philosophy department’s “Socialist …

Christian Chat brings faithful together on campus

If Narnia was a secret world that existed outside of our own but was accessible from Earth at any expected time, then what is Room 310 of the Memorial Union? The sign above the door tells …

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CD Reviews

Music Review: This Will Destroy You, “Another Language”

Rating: 8.5
This Will Destroy You has a foundation built upon destruction, most immediately evident in name. There has to be something to demolish, though, so This Will Destroy You have also become extremely adept builders.
They build …

Film Reviews

Movie Review: As Above, So Below

Rating: 5
The “found footage” horror genre is a greatly expanding one.
It all started back in 1999 with “The Blair Witch Project,” a movie that was extraordinary for its time, but has not aged very well. The …

Style & Culture

Game Review: Destiny [Part II]

Rating: 7
Editor’s note: “Destiny” is a complex game that warrants an in-depth look. The review of this game will be covered in three issues. This article will focus on the game’s single player aspect. Part 1 …

Column: Study Abroad Insights and Essentials — planning finances

First thing’s first: we all know that studying abroad is expensive. Let alone the program cost, students often will rack up lots of debt spending money on traveling to other countries, shopping and eating out. Students …

Documentary Theater: Climate film seeks inspire views to activism

This week, to mentally prepare myself for the People’s Climate March, which was on Sunday, I looked at the free-to-watch climate change documentary “Disruption,” a striking film whose sole purpose is to convince you to act, …

Column: How I Hear It — Run The Jewels’ new hip-hop album

Last year, Run the Jewels, a hip-hop duo consisting of industry veterans Killer Mike and El-P, released their self-titled debut, which, aside from ego-king Kanye West’s “Yeezus,” was arguably the best hip-hop record of the year.
What …