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Sunday, April 19, 11:08 p.m.


Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies program launches new video campaign, looks ahead

This Tuesday, the UMaine Women’s, Gender & Sexuality program (WGS) will host a launch event for their new video campaign, called “This is what a WGS student looks like.” The campaign hopes to spread the word …

Ride Along: a night in the seat of a UMPD cruiser

On April 10, the police cruiser’s lights penetrate a dense fog. The blue lights are close to inducing a seizure, enveloping the area in a blue cloud. As the police cruiser’s driver was talking with a …

Max Slabotzky: the story of a Holocaust survivor

As the seats in 140 Little Hall were quickly filled by students and alumni of the University of Maine, Max Slabotzky, an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor, prepared to tell his story. As part of Holocaust Remembrance Day, …

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CD Reviews

Music Review: Tyler, The Creator, “Cherry Bomb”

Rating: 8
Calling Donald Glover the black James Franco, a parallel Glover made himself in his song “Hold You Down,” isn’t fair, because then what do you call Tyler, The Creator? Tyler is as much a renaissance …

Film Reviews

Film Review “Get Hard”

Rating: 7
While “Get Hard” doesn’t quite reach the same success as some of Will Ferrell’s other films, it does offer some originality in plot and laughs along the way.
“Get Hard” is about James King, played by …

Style & Culture

Game Review : “Xenoblade Chronicles 3D”

Score: 8
“Xenoblade Chronicles” is the most notorious Wii game that was released during the console’s life, at least in the United States. With a limited release, of one print edition, only available through Gamestop, within days, …

Study Abroad as personal transformation

Column: Study Abroad
When I decided to study abroad and first started researching my options, people were surprised to hear my plan.
People could not believe someone so quiet, who always stayed in their comfort zone, was doing …

‘Never Sorry’: a Chinese artist’s struggle for a more just government

Column: Documentary Theater
“Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry” is a film about the role of art, protest in the age of the Internet and an eye-opening critique of government abuse of authority.
Ai Wei Wei is a well-known …

Game Review “Psychonauts”

Score: 9
Ten years ago on April 19, we saw the release of one of the greatest games of all time, “Psychonauts.” “Psychonauts,” the first project of the now renowned creators Double Fine, was an adventure game …