It’s that time of year again: textbooks, class schedules, dorm rooms and lots of friends! This year, the Maine Campus added a fifth item to the list: a refreshed look and feel of the Maine Campus. With the launch of their new website, the Maine Campus is starting a new chapter in their more than 140 year history.

“We are always looking for ways to adapt to various media methods” Sam Chamberlain, web developer and marketing director for the paper, said. “One of our biggest adaptations has been the refreshing of our website, it brings in a whole new look and feel, that we hope is easy to navigate, and fun to use.”

The paper hopes to continue to move towards adding additional media methods while keeping the physical paper roots. With more than 140 years under their belts, the Maine Campus is ready to take on new challenges, and step into new realms of media.

The Maine Campus was founded in 1875, and this makeover is the newest chapter in the paper’s history. This new look includes an overhauled website, added social media channels, and continuous work towards adding new and exciting content to their website and social media accounts.

A new way to engage

With the complete overhaul of their website, the Maine Campus has expanded its methods of engagement for readers. The Maine Campus has recently joined Snapchat and Instagram (both under the handle @themainecampus) in hopes of engaging with you in a fun and new age way.

“We hope with the addition of Snapchat and Instagram, we can be able to push stories to the campus much quicker. With the story feature of Snapchat and Instagram, we are hoping to be able to share fun, exciting, and engaging content as it is happening on campus!” Chamberlain said.

The first few weeks of classes seems like it might be a good time to check out all of the cool things on the Maine Campus’ new website and social media platforms.

  • Harry J Tucci Jr

    The new website is not working at all and instructs you back to this website. When will the new site actually be live?

    • Hi Harry – all of our testing has been successful and our new website is live. If for some reason you’re having some troubles please feel free to reach out to me directly at and I’d be happy to assist.

  • ryanrrobbins

    The archives are not working, either.

    • Samuel Chamberlain

      My apologies – we are working very hard with the Library to put the finishing touches on the archives. To our knowledge, that is the only feature of our website that is not currently functional. If you are experiencing additional problems please feel free to reach out to me directly at