Nov. 12 – 12:45 p.m.

Sargent Barrieau of Orono Police Department (OPD) was on patrol on Forest Avenue and stopped a car driven by Katelyn Labbe, 19, for speeding. When Officer Barrieau approached the car, he smelled marijuana and conducted a search of the vehicle which turned up marijuana and drug paraphernalia, including a pipe and rolling papers. Because Labbe was not 21 and did not have a medical card, she was summoned for possession of marijuana and given a Dec. 20 court date.

Nov. 16 – 2 p.m.

A resident assistant (RA) in Gannett Hall smelled marijuana in one of the rooms and called the University of Maine Police Department (UMPD). Officers responded and summoned the resident, Elizabeth Bograd, 18, for possession of marijuana. She had been smoking a joint in the room. Bograd was given a court date of Feb. 14.

Nov. 16 –  9:50 p.m.

UMPD officers saw an Instagram picture of a group of students drinking in a room on the fourth floor of Somerset Hall. When they arrived, they found a total of four people drinking alcohol. A resident of the room, Hayley Mcgowan, was summoned for illegal possession of alcohol.

Nov. 16 – 11:40 p.m.

OPD received a noise complaint from The Avenue apartments late on a Friday night. Officer Morse arrived to the apartment and knocked on the door; after a few minutes the occupants, Madeline Beauchesne, 19, and Lily McGrew, 19, came out. Beauchesne and McGrew were given a disorderly conduct notice and told that if they prompted another complaint within 24 hours they could be summoned. Roughly half an hour later, OPD was again called to the apartment occupied by Beauchesne and McGrew, and this time they demanded that the party end and everyone leave. As guests were leaving, officers saw alcohol in the possession of minors. As a result, they summoned Beauchesne and McGrew for furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol. They have a Dec. 20 court date.

Nov. 17 – midnight

A RA on the third floor of Somerset Hall overheard someone in their room say, “We should tell the RA about it.” Upon knocking on the door and talking to the people inside the room, the RA discovered that a guest of one of someone who lived there had smashed a toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom. The resident was referred to the the Student Conduct Code Committee.

Nov. 17 – 1:00 a.m.

A UMPD officer patrolling the second floor of York Hall overheard a female in her room saying, “How much did you drink?” Another female responded, “a lot.” The officer knocked on the door, saw vodka in the room and determined the inhabitants were intoxicated. They were referred to the Student Conduct Code Committee.

Nov. 17 – 3:40 a.m.

The University Volunteer Ambulance Corps (UVAC) transported a student from the second floor of Hancock Hall to the hospital. The student said he had been sleeping and rolled over and hooked his fish-tooth necklace in his finger.

Nov. 20 – 12:48 p.m.

A $600 bike was stolen between Nov. 19 and Nov. 20 from Jenness Hall. Someone cut the cable, according to the incident report. There are no suspects.