Graphic by David Jakacky

I am a third year English Major at the University of Maine. In my free time I can be found playing rugby, working out, or enjoying a good book.


Over the course of three days, several instances of vandalism and burglaries occurred at fraternity houses on College Ave. Multiple fraternities reported vandalism or theft of their signs, including Lambda Chi, Alpha Sig, Theta Chi, Pi Kapp and TKE. Other fraternities reported break-ins and burglaries, including Delta and Phi Eta. There have been an estimated $10,000 in damages related to the break-ins and vandalism. Investigations are ongoing at this time. If you have any information about the incidents, please reach out to UMPD.



A theft was investigated at York Hall after its sign was stolen from the front of the building. The value of the sign is estimated at $1,000. Investigation is ongoing at this time.