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Music Review: Demi Lovato is “Confident”

Demi Lovato has been making music since 2008. In the past seven years, Lovato has completely transformed her music, as well as her mindset. She started off with gaining fans through her acting career on Disney, and performing rock music with her debut album, “Don’t Forget.” Now with three studio albums under her belt, Lovato has completely reached her star potential with her new album, “Confident.”

“Confident” shows how Lovato has become comfortable in her own skin. Fans and others interested in pop culture were shocked in 2010 after discovering Lovato’s personal struggles. Fans were confused and concerned for what would happen to the newly beloved pop star, who underwent treatment for an eating disorder, bipolar disorder and substance disorder that year, forcing the star to discontinue her television career and put her music career on hold.

After leaving treatment, Lovato showed her triumph, and released “Unbroken,” in 2011 with a change in genres. The artist changed her sound from pop-rock to pop. “Unbroken” was the first sign of Lovato overcoming her demons, but now with the release of “Confident,” Lovato shows how far she has come in her music and composure.

“Cool for the Summer” is the first single off  “Confident.” The song continues to play on pop radio stations across the country, and many fans dubbed the song as an anthem for this past summer. It also showed how Lovato wanted to be treated as an adult that has completely transformed from a girl in Disney movies and TV shows. The promotional covers and music video for “Cool for the Summer” gave Lovato sex appeal, showing off her body clad in tight leotards and high heels.

“Confident” brings a new level of self-assurance to fans. The album opens with the title track that still demonstrates Lovato’s pop sound. The lyrics of the song will have fans feeling comfortable in their own skin with the chorus chanting, “What’s wrong with being confident?” As the album goes on, the sound of starts to drift from pop to soul. Songs such as “For You” and “Father” demonstrate Lovato’s vocal talents with reaching diverse ranges. You can also tell that Lovato looked to her close friend, Nick Jonas, for some help with the new album. The two artists formed the record label Safehouse Records and released “Confident” under this new label. “Old Ways,” sounds very similar to the R&B songs that Jonas has been producing for his new albums, and shows how the two have obviously collaborated with each other.

Overall, “Confident,” is a well-crafted album. It does stray away from the last two albums released by Lovato, but it still shows the work of a pop artist. The fact that the album goes in a more soulful direction shows how Lovato has gained strength in these last few years. The album could be identified as a reflection album for the artist by looking at her growth since leaving rehab. This radiates inspiration for many listeners and sends Lovato’s message of feeling confident.


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