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Totally F—ing Gay does not excite with self-titled album

Rating: B-

If you are in search for music that makes you laugh till your stomach hurts, then go listen to Totally F—ing Gay’s self-titled album. For those who are not familiar with the group, Totally F—ing Gay is a band of three guys who want to make queercore a new genre. Taking a satirical approach, the album pokes fun at what it is like being a member of the gay community and features songs filled with witty and erotic lyrics. It adds a different touch to the music of the 21st century and has shown how far artists have come in terms of what is deemed appropriate for listeners’ ears.

The album was created just this past summer and sounds like a bunch of guys went into a recording booth for fun, and recorded a jam session. The opening track, “Marathon Gay Sex for Manly Men,” is a strong example of this. The song is filled with heavily distorted guitars and breakdowns filled with programmed double-foot pedaling, setting the queercore tone for the album.

The vocals on the album are really hard to get into: Imagine the teacher from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” mixed with Siri’s voice from the iPhone. Lyrics are read in a monotone way with awkward pacing, which makes the songs excruciatingly hard to listen to if you are looking for quality music. If you are looking for a funny, underground song to laugh at, then you will find enjoyment in the songs.

The one interesting aspect of “Totally F—ing Gay” is that the album tells a complete story of a homosexual male in the gay community. Just by looking at the track listing you can see that the album starts with “Come out of the Closet,” and then later talks about gay marriage in “Husband and Husband,” a couple of songs later. The next track, “We Don’t Need Society’s Approval,” discusses self-acceptance and taking a stand against societal norms.

Lyrically the album takes “sexual” to a whole new level.  The lyrics to every song are filled with sexual scenes of hooking up.  It may come across as crude and inappropriate to many, but if you look at the lyrics in a satirical perspective, you can find the humor behind them.

Although Totally F—ing Gay’s self-titled album may come across as awkward and difficult to listen to, it brings an interesting taste to the underground music world. The album will probably never reach mainstream status, but it still demonstrates how the music industry has come a long way in what is being produced now. Twenty years ago the music industry would have probably turned down an album like this, no matter how significant the label or producer was, but now albums like “Totally F—ing Gay” are made, and appeal to a certain crowd.


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