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5 Seconds of Summer break boundaries with “Sounds Good Feels Good”

Rating: A

Pop rockers, 5 Seconds of Summer recently came out with their new album, “Sounds Good Feels Good,” a couple of weeks ago. This is the second studio album put out by the Australian pop-punk band, and it will be taking over music charts and radio stations worldwide.

5 Seconds of Summer first came to fame back in 2014, with their hit single, “She Looks So Perfect,” on their self-titled album. The single was an instant hit all over the world and especially in the U.S just in time for the summer. Soon the band’s popularity blew up. Some were dubbing the boys from down under as the next One Direction. Later on that year, the band actually did hit the road with One Direction, opening up for their “Where We Are Tour.”

Comparisons to One Direction have made 5 Seconds of Summer recognized by many, but this does not truly represent who they are. What separates their music from that of One DIrection is the fact that these boys declare themselves as pop-punk, and not a boy band. Even though their music includes harmonized vocals, 5 Seconds of Summer does not perform dance moves at their concerts, they perform with electric guitars and come ready to rock out. The band looks to other pop-punk bands such as All Time Low and Mayday Parade as their main influences. They even performed a couple of A Day To Remember covers when they were first starting out and posted acoustic videos of them on YouTube. The band’s classification has caused controversy in labeling their music genre among different music scenes.

One thing that listeners should understand is that “Sounds Good Feels Good” has a justified title. It sounds good and it makes you feel good. People should not be so occupied determining what music genre 5 Seconds of Summer is; the band obviously just wants to do one thing, and that is make music for fans.

“I do not give a damn about (the) limitations (anyone) puts on this band. I look at this band and I see three other dudes who are just as committed and ambitious as I am and we can do whatever the f— we want with our music,” drummer Ashton Irwin said in a recent interview with Alternative Press magazine.

Some songs, such as the lead single, “She’s Kind of Hot,” may have more of a boy band feel with lyrics about girls and harmonizing vocals, but there are also songs on the album that bring out their pop-punk roots. “Jet Black Heart” features an intricate lead guitar riff, and more meaningful lyrics about heartbreak in the verses. Although the songs on this album all come across as catchy, each song is different in its own way. The songs all feature different styles of pop and rock, and blend them in a perfect way.

5 Seconds of Summer breaks boundaries with “Sounds Good Feels Good.” The band truly let their fans know that they are tired of being classified. They make music for anyone who enjoys their sound. Whether that be a pre-teen who also listens to One Direction, or a 20-year-old who attends Warped Tour every year, 5 Seconds of Summer knows how to communicate their sound to the masses and is clearly doing a great job at gaining fans from all over the music world.

5 Seconds of Summer will be performing shows all over the country in December to support the release of “Sounds Good Feels Good.”

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