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Album Review: “The Fighters” by LoCash

Grade: A-

The rocking country duo LoCash was recently featured on the hit radio show “The Bobby Bones Show” thanks to their growing success. They are also considered two of Nashville’s fastest rising artists. Preston Brust and Chris Lucas, who collectively make up LoCash, have seven Billboard-topping hits that you may recognize. These include “I Know Somebody” and “I Love This Life” which they put out only to tease us and make us wait for them to release the corresponding album “The Fighters.”

LoCash was formerly known as LoCash Cowboys. They are a country-pop duo currently working with Reviver Records. They are not only talented vocalists and musicians, but writers too. The members of LoCash co-wrote Keith Urban’s “You Gonna Fly” and Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah.”

Their most recent album, “The Fighters,” was released this past June. It contains 11 songs and spans approximately 34 minutes. For all of those country fans out there, this one will certainly make you want to put your butt in a lawn chair, stick your toes in the sand and drink a cold one with its Zac Brown-esque style. This release also includes what “The Bobby Bones Show” counts as the duo’s next big hit, “God Loves Me More.” They even went so far as to say that this song could boost LoCash to the top of country music.

“I Know Somebody” and “I Love This Life” can speak for themselves as they lounge at the top of the country charts. Instead, let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known songs on the album.

“Shipwrecked” is the only song I didn’t care much for in this album. It begins very dramatically with a classic piano background. Their lyricism is quirky and fantastic (“I could be crawling through the Mojave/No water left in my body…”) but for myself, this song was simply too pop. I don’t feel that it properly fits into the country category given their heavy dependency on the synthesizer effects for this track.

For the ever-necessary “let’s go out and have a good time” set, I highly suggest listening to “Ring on Every Finger” and “All Day.” The first is definitely more of a girl’s anthem jam but nonetheless funky mix of electric and acoustic guitars and the sneaky bits of banjo they manage to fit in set you up for a good time. While “All Day” is anyone’s game, it makes me think of a good tailgate party or a long road trip with friends. This track features a rocking electric guitar solo and a powerfully fun chorus that’ll have you singing along after one verse.

Within the first five seconds of hearing “Drunk Drunk” you will be able to tell who served as this song’s inspiration. With its bouncing beat accented with the drum set’s hi-hat coupled with the quick picking, background banjo you are transported to the beach front with a Corona in hand. This song could definitely serve as a sequel to the Zac Brown Band’s “Toes.”

This album really sets the mood for a great time. I definitely recommend listening to it through at least once, especially if you need a little pep in your step.

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