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Album Review: “Welcome To The Weekend” by Brooke Eden

Grade: A

Brooke Eden, a Loxahatchee, Fla. native, played her way to the top of the charts this past year. Best known for her single “Daddy’s Money” — which was released in late 2015 — Eden’s made a triumphant return with her much awaited extended play (EP) debut of her new album “Welcome to the Weekend.”

In 2016, Eden has performed over 500 shows, with a style dependent on her strong and commanding stage presence. Considered one of Vogue’s “10 Country ‘It’ Girls” and described by Billboard as a “fiery country star-in-the-making,” Eden has been breaking through the barriers of country music and setting new standards for tough country women.

Between her sound and her personality, Eden definitely falls amongst the ranks of tough female country vocalists like Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert — something very apparent in her latest EP. “Welcome to the Weekend” is a fresh set of hits to set the scene for a great weekend.

“Diamonds” starts the album off strong and is easily my favorite song of the bunch. Eden’s clear, powerful vocals are at the forefront, with minimal adjustments to her sound and a clear lack of additional autotune. The quiet combination of drums and guitar in the background frame her sound well, without ever overpowering it. This one will definitely be easy to learn the lyrics to, especially after singing around the backyard bonfire a few times.

“Act Like You Don’t” is a more pop-country take on a traditional breakup song. The hints of vocal echo, accompanied by lyrical shifts, are similar to techniques Sam Hunt — a fellow country artist — employs in order to keep the song on the edge of both genres.

“Silence Speaks” very much reminds me of “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert. It gives off the same dangerous-with-a-hint-of-crazy vibe so common from country’s powerhouse modern vocalists. With similar ranges and a message of independence and anger, these two songs will both give you the confidence and put you in the mood to key your ex’s car, cut your hair with rusty scissors, or to walk away tall and strong.

This album sealed the deal with the line, “if I’m gonna be your Saturday night, I’m gonna be your Sunday morning…” featured in the last song of the album “Sunday Morning.” This capstone single is all about letting people know they’re not just a pretty thing good only for a temporary stay. This song is a shout-out to men and women saying that if you want me for the night, you better want me for the morning…and the day after that.

Without a bad song in the lineup, this album is a fun mix in the country music genre. This carpenter’s daughter is no stranger to the country way of living, partying out in the woods and working her way up the ladder. She is certainly one to keep an eye on this upcoming year, as we see what other musical projects she will be working on.

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