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Comedy Review: Lucas Bros. Comedy is Stoner Gold

Grade: A

The number one thing you should know about the Lucas Brothers is that they like drugs. Specifically, weed. And if you too enjoy partaking in the devil’s lettuce, you will probably like their comedy.

The entire Lucas Bros. comedy special, available for streaming on Netflix, is one big jab at former president Richard Nixon, highlighting his War on Drugs as an “a–hole” move for two reasons. First of all, according to them, it put a lot of black men behind bars for a long time. The special is a bit of a mix between social commentary on the War on Drugs and the mass incarceration that followed and talking about how much fun drugs are and both aspects are harped upon multiple times throughout the sketch. But secondly (and most importantly) it makes finding drugs a lot harder for the Lucas Bros., who are undoubtedly a stoner duo if there ever was one. The identical twins talk a lot in their special about their particular stoner habits, like their tradition of smoking a joint and thinking it over, or how weird it is to take shrooms with someone who looks exactly like you.

So if you have ever wondered what it’s like to be stoned, broke, black and an identical twin, this special will not disappoint. The duo’s style is soft-spoken but calculated, subtle yet genius. They riff off each other almost constantly, talking back and forth with the ease of two people who have been best friends for life. They improve each other’s jokes and make the viewer feel relaxed and at ease while talking about issues surrounding black culture that don’t often get acknowledged. Their love of OJ Simpson and Jermaine Jackson, for example, are two points of contention in this short 50-minute special.

The special ends with a trippy cartoon dream sequence where Richard Nixon comes back from the dead and convinces the brothers that his failed War on Drugs was because he hates black people and hip-hop. The cartoon ending is a definite nod to their TV series Lucas Bros. Moving Co., which is available to stream on Hulu and follows more of their stoned escapades, which everyone can enjoy.

The Lucas Bros. special is short, sweet and perfect for anyone looking for a comedic 4/20 Netflix option, seeing as Cheech and Chong’s movies are all officially off Netflix. If you’re looking for modern stoner humor with a touch of social commentary and some hip-hop references, this special is just for you.

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