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10 things to do if you are considering joining Greek Life

As someone who has always wondered what it would be like to join Greek Life but always too afraid to take the leap, I can tell you from experience that considering joining is a big thing to think about. Having recently embarked on my journey of sorority searching and rushing for informal recruitment, there are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up that might be helpful when considering whether Greek life is the right fit for you, or if you are thinking about rushing.

1. Find out more information before making any big choices or decisions. It helps to search online for sororities and fraternities featured at your school that might be of interest. Make a list of the ones that seem like they’d be a good fit for you, and write down their contact information. Doing your research is a big part of finding the right group and dedicating your commitment to the one you will fit in with the most.

2. Meet people involved. The best way to find out if you would like a certain sorority or fraternity would be to get to know the people who are already involved in the organization. Talk to some of the members at events, and even around campus when you spot them wearing their letters. It will help you get a feel for which group you click with most.

3. Go to events. Get your name and face out there. Participate in Greek life events and make sure to attend meetings and activities that are sponsored or hosted by the Greek life group you want to be a part of. Introducing yourself and getting to know the people in a fun and laid back environment is a great way to get to know everyone and have them know you.

4. Remember that it should be fun. If you feel stressed or anxious trying to navigate your way through the rushing process, that is totally normal. Remember that everyone is there for the same reason, to find a family and a home away from home. If you ever feel uncertain or that you aren’t making the right decision, take a step back and look at it from a different perspective. Although you will be busy and your schedule will be filled with activities, you should be excited and eager to meet everyone and see if this group is one that you want to be a part of.

5. Talk to your friends about it. Talking to your friends is one of the first steps you can take to get yourself comfortable with the idea and see if it’s plausible and doable for you. Ask them about the possibility of you joining a sorority or fraternity, would they want to try it out with you? Rushing can be so much more fun and stress-relieving if you go along with a friend, or even just meet up with someone you know. Don’t be afraid to talk about it and bring it up the next time you are with your friends, you never know who might want to try it out with you or was already thinking about it!

6. Get to know what each fraternity/sorority stands for and prioritizes. Learning about Greek life and everything that goes with it can seem like a daunting task. Search online and through facebook for the groups you are most interested in, and find out which philanthropies each of the groups is involved in. Each of the groups on campus has their own specialization and philanthropy they focus on and they all participate in different forms of community service. Showing them that you are interested, and that you spent time learning more about them and what they believe in, can only help you in the end.

7. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Once you make the decision to rush and join Greek Life, it’s completely okay to feel overwhelmed and like you might not be fitting in like you are “supposed to be.” Greek life is new for everyone, and at one point each person who is involved had to start fresh and be a new member, too. If you are feeling uncomfortable or unsure of how to act or get yourself immersed into this new setting, try to put that feeling aside and focus on the positives of the situations you face. Getting out of your comfort zone can oftentimes be a good thing, and get you to meet great people who you otherwise would not have met.

8. Talk to your parents. One of the biggest worries students have when first interested in joining Greek life is the fact that many of the groups on campus require dues and cost money to be able to participate. Talking to your parents and other family members about the financial aspect of things and seeing their perspective will help you realize if this is what you really want and are ready for. If you find yourself eagerly calling your parents to talk about the events and the people you have met, then you know you are joining the right group for you.

9. Picture yourself with that sorority/fraternity. Spend time thinking about if you could see yourself participating in Greek life, and wearing the letters proudly of a group that you hope to be a part of. Look at the social media pages of the Greek life on your campus, and see if you could picture yourself in those pictures or with those groups of people.

10. Be yourself. Never change for anyone. Joining Greek life is all about being apart of something bigger than yourself, but also contributing something unique to the group that no one else has. Standing out in a crowd and being yourself is one of the most important parts of deciding to join Greek life, and the more comfortable you are in your own skin, the better!

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