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New thriller takes box office by storm

Hollywood’s latest mixture of drama, science-fiction and horror took movie theaters all across the country by storm with fans pouring in to see “A Quiet Place.” John Krasinski, most known for being the frontrunner of “The Office” and “The Girl On The Train” star Emily Blunt are the leading actors of the movie, who are married both on and off-screen. This hour and a half long movie takes twists and turns that surprise viewers and leave them wanting more.

The movie centers around a family of four who live in a remote house isolated from other humans. Blunt and Krasinski star as Evelyn and Lee Abbott, parents to kids Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe).The family lives in silence, never making noise that’s above a whisper. Early on in the movie, the audience members learn that this is because the “creatures” who have taken over the world and killed off most of the population have a very strong sense of hearing, but cannot see. This family of four struggles to survive in a world where humans are quickly being eradicated, encountering these creatures every single time someone makes even the quietest of noises.

Although we are unsure of the specific time period the movie is set in, it can be inferred as sometime in the near future.The film was released in the United States for the first time at the South by Southwest Film Festival on March 9, 2018.

The small cast of main characters and simple setting added to the drama and suspense of the film, as well as the positive reactions from the audience. The most unique quality about this type of horror film was the lack of sound, which created tension and suspense on screen, and also in the seats of the theater. The actors and actresses in the movie all communicate by whispers and sign language, making the only sounds heard throughout the entire film the cries and yells of the “creatures” coming to attack the humans. This stylistic and bold choice was well-executed by the makers of the film, and succeeded in making each scene even more terrifying and reaction-evoking from the audience.

As a lover of horror movies and science fiction, watching this for the first time was a new experience. The realistic graphics of the “creatures” blended seamlessly into the realistic world in which the Abbotts lived, making it look as if these monsters were on Earth in real life. Screams and shouting from the audience added to the overall dramatic effect, and viewers left the theater raving nonstop about this one-of-a-kind film.

Krasinski not only acted as a main character in the film, but also directed this horror movie in hopes of creating a movie unlike any other ones people might have seen. The quiet background music, realistic country-style home setting and dramatic build-up of events made for an interesting mix, and allowed viewers to jump into the world of the Abbotts like they were right there in their home.

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