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Podcast shines light on popular alternative singer

Before coming across Alternative Press (AP) as a website, youtube channel and magazine, I didn’t have an interest in watching podcast videos. That is, unless they were crash-course lectures on topics I had been learning in my classes. As I began to go through AP’s dozens of podcasts, I soon realized that the word “podcast” meant much more than just an audio file.

In honor of Alternative Press’s 61st podcast episode in the mini-series “The Business Behind the Music,” Black Veil Brides lead singer Andy Biersack sat down at the table for a Q&A-style interview. In this most recent episode, Biersack answered questions about his journey through the music industry and his decision to produce an album as a solo artist known as “Andy Black.”

Andy Biersack discussed his rise to fame and how he managed to make a name for himself in the music business. He also discussed other members of his band, Black Veil Brides, and also how he became a musician and found his life passion. By reviewing topics such as social media, family life and his relationship with his wife Juliet, Biersack shows fans who he really is besides just a star under the scrutiny of the media and the press. He also reveals personal facts about himself, such as his favorite color, movie, childhood memory and best quality he sees in himself.

Alternative Press interviews singers and band members who are part of the underground, punk rock and alternative music groups in America’s music business. The podcast focuses on what music fans want out of an interview with their favorite band members, allowing audiences to get connected through stories. In their first-ever guest podcast, which featured singer Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, Alternative Press alerted listeners that the podcasts are to inform and also to help people get a sense for what the alternative and punk rock music business is like today. Other guests who have appeared on the Alternative Press guest podcast list include Escape the Fate, Pierce the Veil, John Gorman, Ryan Key, Ronnie Radkey and Cobra Starship among many others.

These podcasts are aimed toward fans of alternative rock music and other related genres who want to get to know the musicians they know and love. What’s so interesting and unique about AP’s podcasts are that each one features a totally new group of guests, and different questions are asked to each new group. “Lightning rounds” are included toward the end of each podcast, where artists can give advice, answer last minute questions and summarize what they hope to get out of their careers and how they are pursuing their dreams. The down-to-earth and uncensored responses from the artists is what gives AP’s podcasts rave reviews and hundreds of listeners, AP does a phenomenal job of giving faces to names, and allowing fans to really get to know the stars and artists they look up to.

In addition to podcasts, the Alternative Press website includes reviews, photo galleries and event calendars. To check out Biersack’s podcast as well as other episodes on Alternative Press’s site, please visit

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