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Five things to do this Halloween that don’t involve leaving your apartment


As we wrap up homecoming weekend and get ready for Halloween on Wednesday, many college students have been talking about what they will actually be doing on that night, since it falls on a school night.

If you’re looking to celebrate the spooky-themed night without breaking the bank or leaving your apartment, look no further. These are all fairly inexpensive ways to enjoy the holiday without putting your bank account in the red.

Host a murder-mystery party. If you’re looking to entertain a large group of friends, a murder mystery night is the perfect idea. The kits for these events can be found for free online or you can pay for them if you feel so inclined. Before the night begins, assign everyone a role and have them dress as their characters. The more that everyone gets into it, the more fun the night will be. Encourage everyone to bring a dish or drink and make it into a big dinner party!

Halloween trivia night. Test your scary movie knowledge and print out some trivia cards. Grab a few snacks and sit everyone around a table and quiz each other! Other alternatives could include Cards Against Humanity or That’s What She Said. Be sure to turn on Freeform during your game as there’s bound to be a Halloween movie playing (or a Harry Potter marathon, and in that case, be prepared to veg out for the next 24 hours).

Watch Halloween specials. My family and I used to get together and watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” to gear up for Halloween. Invite your friends over, make a giant bowl of popcorn, sit around the television with your fuzzy blankets and enjoy the show. Some other specials that you can watch if “Charlie Brown” isn’t on include “Halloween,” “Hocus Pocus” and “Friday the 13th.”

Channel your inner Pinterest-mom lifestyle and bake some Halloween treats and make some crafts. Stop at the grocery store on your way home from class and plan out some Halloween treats. If baking isn’t for you, a pack of Pillsbury sugar cookies with Halloween designs cost a few dollars and require minimal effort to make.

Take down your Halloween decorations and replace them with your holiday decorations. We are so close to the holiday season, and I know my roommates are dreading coming home on Nov. 1 because I’ve had a bag of Christmas decorations sitting in the back of my car, itching to come out. Pack away your jack-o-lantern lights and hang up your paper snowflakes and tealight candles and gear up for a cold holiday season.

All of these ideas are bound to be a fun night and you can rest assured that you will arrive to class hangover free and ready to go Thursday morning. For more ideas, be sure to log in to Pinterest. If you are looking to go out and do something to celebrate the haunted night, be sure to check the local events on Facebook.

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