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Lets talk about myths, baby!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

When I was younger, I was obsessed with narratives inspired by Greek mythology. I could never get my fill of Disney’s “Hercules” or the “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” book series. My affinity for Greek mythology dissipated when I discovered that the myths weren’t as child-friendly, or musical, as their recreations. Yet when I discovered Liv Albert’s podcast, “Let’s talk about Myths, Baby!” my interest was reignited.

“Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!” is a Greek and Roman mythology podcast that retells and discusses classical myths with an admiration for their historical context in addition to a modern analytical lens. Albert, a self-proclaimed “giant nerd” with a degree in English literature and classical civilizations from Concordia University in Montreal, doesn’t hide her passion for the topic. Her commentary provides the perfect juxtaposition to her plethora of knowledge, allowing her listeners to hear her often feminist opposition to the sexism that underlies Greek mythology.

On the podcast’s first episode, Albert described her mission and the inspiration behind it saying, “I’m completely obsessed with mythology. I have a totally useless bachelors of arts in classical civilizations that basically has prepared me for this and only this … This is the first episode of my podcast where I talk to you bluntly about Greek myths. Let’s address how completely crazy some of these things are, let’s address how awful the men treated the women, let’s address how completely bananas some of these ideas were [and how] an entire culture believed [that they were] the honest to god truth.”

Albert has produced over 60 episodes, ranging in topic and length. Since its genesis, the podcast’s production quality has developed greatly, but some issues still remain. As Albert has gotten more comfortable with her craft, the episodes have started to sound less scripted. While her voice is very pleasant to listen to, sometimes her transitions leave certain moments feeling hollow and overly produced. The background music used in many episodes frequently distracts from the story, while at other times fills those aforementioned hollow spaces. The moments when Albert’s genuine passion for her topic seeps through her script and into the recording create the best moments for listeners and could be harnessed more effectively.

However, these elements do not outweigh the podcast’s benefits. I am happy to have been reintroduced to the truth behind many of my favorite myths. In the world of myths and legends, Albert comes across as the friend you laugh at and critique bad television with.

Outside of the podcast, Albert has produced simultaneously comedic and stylish merchandise for her show, as well as promising a future novel, that will most likely have a negative effect on my bank account.

Follow “Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!” on Facebook for the occasional mythology memes, book suggestion or merch release. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn or on the website

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