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New alternative release hits charts

4 Stars out of 5

New Music from 2000’s era alt-rock bands has been few and far between. Alternative, indie and rock genres have been on hiatus while bands have been producing their albums and planning upcoming tours. Jimmy Eat World is a prime example of a band that isn’t always producing new music but will never be forgotten by its fans. Surprising the world with their 10th album release, Jimmy Eat World has excited alternative and rock fans now that they are back making music.

Jimmy Eat World is a rock band from Arizona that started in 1993. The type of music that they play could be categorized as alternative, emo pop and pop punk. This interesting mix of variety and sound is what makes the band so unique, and what allows them to still be around decades later. 

The band has 10 albums, five live show albums, and 15 Extended Plays (EPs). Their newest album, “Surviving,” was released on Oct. 18, 2019. The album features 10 songs that range from around three to five minutes and is in total is 36 minutes long, making it one of Jimmy Eat World’s shortest.

The main staple of the album would have to be its first song, “Surviving.” It builds in intensity and captures the classic Jimmy Eat World sound that is present in their other albums. Lead singer Jim Atkins has a very distinct voice that is true to the alternative rock genre and could be compared to artists like Derek DiScanio from the band State Champs. 

“Recommit” is also a popular song on the album, one that includes interesting vocals that almost sound like a whisper at some parts of the song. Running three minutes and 48 seconds long, it is not my favorite of their material but is definitely something worth listening to. 

“Diamonds,” a stand-out track on the album, captures everything about Jimmy Eat World that I love. It is powerful, real and just fun to listen to. The chorus isn’t long or repetitive, and it really showcases the band’s talent and beautiful voices. It reminds me a lot of another song on the album, “One Mil,” with its upbeat nature and fast-paced lyrics. The use of prominent instruments like the guitar, bass and piano in the album gives it a very alternative feel. 

The artistic red cover of the album with a creative font displaying the title connects with the songs featured on it, and brings the alternative aesthetic together nicely. It also looks very different from any other cover of an album the band has produced, which represents their new image and reemergence after a few years. 

This is, without a doubt, an album worth listening to, whether you are a fan of alternative music or not, as it appeals to a variety of different fan bases and audiences. Jimmy Eat World will hopefully continue to be around for years to come. 

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