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Social media influencer Jeffree Star continues creation of makeup line

Social media influencers are becoming more popular every day. They can dictate fashion and makeup trends, spread opinions and stir up change with their great influential power and large fan following. Influencers like Jeffree Star, Kylie Jenner and David Dobrik have made their name on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.

These creative spaces with millions of users have allowed influencers to review and create their own products while also expanding their fan base and creating a name for themselves. They also make a profit partnering with sponsors and paid promotions.

The emergence of makeup artists like Star, James Charles and Nikkie de Jager, known online as NikkieTutorials, have caused a positive uprising in the makeup community. They continue to spread self-love and body confidence to their fans. Star, a particularly well-known Youtuber, has made a name for himself by uploading video reviews of other artists’ techniques and specific brands and companies that he receives makeup from. 

Known for his catchy video names, gossip and makeup-related jokes, Star now has over 17 million subscribers on his channel and over 15 million Instagram followers. Star is known for experimentation with different hair and makeup styles and always reminds his fans that feeling beautiful and confident should be the most important thing when pursuing makeup. Videos like “Doing Makeup While Water Rafting,” and “My PINK Vault Closet Tour” show sides of Star’s personality that extend far beyond the cosmetic industry.

Along with filming makeup-related videos, Star also shares stories from his past and footage of his brand new mansion. This, along with his cute dogs, sweet (recently ex-) boyfriend and fun friend group make for a very entertaining YouTube channel and interesting person to follow.

If you are new to the makeup world and haven’t had a chance to experience the eccentricity that is Jeffree Star, you have 364 videos to sit down and dive into. Star’s latest video, “We Broke Up,” which was posted two weeks ago, has already had over 29 million views, and it shares the story of his break up with his ex-boyfriend. There are millions of comments under the video from fans sharing similar stories or words of encouragement, which shows just how powerful social media can be, and how quickly information can be shared.

Most of his other videos are either product reviews or reveals of his own makeup from his company Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Star has worked in collaboration with dozens of other makeup artists, brands like Morphe and most recently Shane Dawson to create new and excitingly-named products that are “Jeffree approved.” Star’s own line of cosmetics includes hundreds of different shade ranges and textures for his eyeshadows, highlighters, lipsticks, eyeliners, foundations and more. He prides himself on building his company from nothing and on the transformation he has made into someone he truly loves being. The positive messages and confidence boost that follow each video make every one worth watching and getting something out of.

Overall, even though influencers get a bad reputation and can use their power for evil rather than good, many of them like Jeffree Star can encourage creativity, experimentation and self-love.

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