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Tweets of the week


With most of us spending way too much time alone and inside right now, social media has stepped up to increase the feeling of community in such an isolating time. Whether it’s Instagram trends, like drawing a carrot and passing it along to some friends, or Facebook updates about the creative ways people are social distancing, these different media platforms have, in ways, taken a turn for the better. While social media can often load us up with content that leaves us setting unrealistic standards for ourselves or provide a platform for negativity and hate, it can also have its positive uses and a global pandemic is certainly one of them.

While Instagram is a great place to stay connected with your friends, Twitter is a platform that can connect you to the world. Instead of people putting on their best face to craft their image, it’s a faceless world of people’s thoughts and opinions, and in a pandemic, it’s full of creativity and humor. Rather than comparing yourself to others, you can connect to them and be reminded that to a certain extent, we’re all really in the same boat.

Here are some of the best tweets yet about the coronavirus pandemic to find some humor that you can connect to.

These tweets that joke about the loss of the value of time: 

This tweet format that justifies the way we’re all acting right now:

These tweets that show hindsight is always 20/20:

Some relatable commentary about how we are all handling our food:

Some plans for the future:

And an adorable, heartwarming Tweet:

Keep that same energy, kid.

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