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Horoscopes (4.13.20)

Aries (March 21 – April 20)
Taurus season begins on Sunday, April 19 bringing you a wonderful opportunity. Take a tip from the Taurus book and slow down. Everything seems like it has come to a screeching halt, but that does not stop the mind from rushing off with “what-ifs.” Bring yourself back to the present with mindful meditation. Breathe in deeply without the weight of the world on your shoulders. Find ways to stay calm and centered amid the panic. To help shoulder the burden, reach out to friends virtually. The importance of platonic relationships comes to light in times such as these.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)
Sunday, April 19 marks the beginning of your season. Does that mean it’s time to get all dolled up and hit the local nightlife? Of course not. First, it is important to practice social distancing. Second, there is no better way to celebrate than by leaning into your natural inclination to take it low and slow. Take an evening to indulge in all the luxuries you love in life. Eat that extra slice of cake, take two hot bubble baths on the same day, order delicious take out; the sky’s the limit right now. Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it. You deserve it.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)
Social distancing for a busy bee like you has its problems, but don’t look at this time as a negative. Sunday, April 19, marks the beginning of Taurus season. Take a tip from the bull’s book. Ground yourself. Being at home does not mean a cease to the hustle. Brainstorm and plan for the future. However, don’t be hard on yourself if you feel a lack of motivation, this is normal given the situation. Ease up on yourself. By giving yourself the room to relax, you will find yourself bursting with more ideas than ever before.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)
Starting on Sunday, April 19, the start of Taurus season, look to a friendly bull for some advice on the art of self-love. Taking time for yourself is just as important as looking out for others. With everyone safely cozied up in their homes, make yourself the top priority to care for. Start by making Sunday a day of luxury. Bring the spa to your doorstep with a luxurious bath, indulgent food and positive affirmations. After giving yourself all the TLC you deserve, look towards the future. Now is a good time to brainstorm and get ahead of the game. While planning fantastic new endeavors, remember to leave time for you.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 21)
Taurus season begins on Sunday, April 19, and with it comes an adventure of your sensual side. Nestled away in the safety of your home, let fantasies begin to blend with reality. Whether it’s with a partner or yourself, there is much to explore so don’t waste a minute of it. There will be plenty of time for chores and work in the days to come. Now is the time to slow down and savor all the good things that surround you right now. Look to our feline friends for examples of the easy life. Indulge in naps, snacks and attention.

Virgo (Aug. 22 – Sept. 23)
In times of uncertainty look towards what is certain. Set goals for the future and start working towards them now, this way you have something to be sure of. Don’t work too hard. When Taurus season starts on Sunday, April 19, it’s time to go big or go home, or more fittingly, go big and stay home for the safety of yourself and others. Spend the day giving in to your every desire. Make a pan of brownies at 2 a.m. while singing at the top of your lungs, then lick the bowl! Live each day with less regret towards the good things in life.

Libra (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23)
Give yourself permission to be lazy. Taurus season begins on Sunday, April 19. You share a ruling planet, Venus, with Taurus. Sleep in until noon, then make a full meal to enjoy. Make every action an experience meant for royalty, because right now you are the ruler of your home. Your talent for self-love will come in handy during this stretch of time. Light all the candles, curl up in the softest of blankets and give yourself a hug. It’s too easy to take stress out on yourself. Remember that you are stronger than the stress. Be kinder to yourself than usual.

Scorpio (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22)
Sunday, April 19, brings the beginning of Taurus season. Tauruses are known for their love of beauty, and it’s time you felt the same way. You don’t have to turn into the next leader of the beauty guru community, but while you’re chilling around your home, do something fun to feel pretty. Play around with an eyeshadow palette to create some daring new looks. If make-up isn’t your strong suit, then head outside during golden hour to take some fantastic photos for Instagram. Who doesn’t feel stunning bathed in some golden sun?

Sagittarius (Nov. 23 – Dec. 22)
Be slow and steady like a bull on Sunday, April 19, when Taurus season starts. With all the changes going on right now, it can be hard to adapt quickly. It’s okay if it takes more time than usual to get into a good rhythm. Be patient with yourself. You’re doing the best you can with the situation you are in. You will find a new routine, and when you feel normal you will settle in your home. In your new routine, be sure to include plenty of snack breaks, luxurious cat-naps and all the move marathons your heart desires.

Capricorn (Dec. 23 – Jan. 20)
Take a break from your scheme of world domination and try something new. Be like a bull on Sunday, April 19, when Taurus season begins. Do as they do and indulge in some much needed rest and recovery. Take a day to move at your own pace away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Make all your favorite foods to eat in the bathtub. Then try some new activities — meditation perhaps — to keep your mind in tip-top shape.

Aquarius (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19)
At no point should you stop supporting the causes you care so much about. However, look inwards on Sunday, April 19, with the start of Taurus season and see the help you could use. What good are you to the community if you are not the best version of yourself? Lucky for you, Taurus excels in the field of self-love. Feed off their languid energy and slow down for a while to rebuild yourself into a stronger, healthier you.

Pisces (Feb. 18 – March 20)
Rest and relaxation are second nature to you so the start of Taurus season on Sunday, April 19 is the perfect excuse to waste hours dreaming in bed. Do just that, or spend hours connecting with friends and watching the hours slip away without a care in the world. However, be careful about getting too wrapped up in a lack of motivation. While it is important to be easy on yourself given this stressful time, do not forget your responsibilities. There is still work to be done, and putting it off will only bring complications in the future. Find a happy medium.

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