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No salon, no problem: a small quarantine hair care guide

Drastic times call for drastic measures. With the hair salons closed, it’s time to take measures into our own hands. Time to snip, dye and buzz your hair simply because you can. There is no better time than now to go for the dramatic change you’ve always dreamed of. If the change is successful then you will emerge from quarantine with a whole new look. However, should the endeavor flop there is plenty of time for your hair to grow out before having to re-enter society. Do what you want to your hair; it’s yours to play with. So why not put in the time and effort for a fantastic new do.Cutting bangs is an easy, go-to hair change. It can be done with a pair of scissors around the house, not that professionals recommend that, and can be easily cleaned up with no staining. It’s important to take a few moments to properly section your hair for the best results. First, start the section at the top of your hair where it naturally starts to round, then move forward and make a triangle section. Clip back unwanted hair to avoid accidents. Next, pull the hair forward with a comb, place your fingers where you want to cut and arch the hair upward slightly. Using the tips of the scissors, make a series of short snips across your fingers.
Sometimes, a hair cut doesn’t cut it. Time to advance to the next level: hair dye. This requires a little more prep and time than bangs, but if done correctly, it’s worth it. Start by finding the right dye. Box dye is fairly basic. It’s one dye, one developer and a one-shot deal, making it all the more important to put the proper time and effort in for the best results. The first step is finding the right colored dye. Opt for colors labeled “cool” or “neutral” rather than “warm” and “golden.” These tones can result in strong orange colors in yellow or brown dyes.
The next step, and arguably the most important, is prepping. Don’t wash your hair for a few days before dyeing. The build-up of natural oils creates a protective barrier between the chemicals and skin. Smear some petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, on your ears and around your hairline to prevent staining. Be sure to run a comb through your hair, as knots make for spotty results. Finally, read the instructions. Now it’s time for the fun part. Take the hair you want to dye and section it into smaller parts. Start at the bottom sections and work your way up. Apply the dye first at the tips and then halfway up your hair. Do this for all sections. Lastly, apply dye to the roots. The heat from the scalp speeds up the developing process and if applied first can bring out unwanted warm tones in the dye. Before setting the timer, run a comb through your hair to ensure every strand is covered in dye. Then set the timer for the instructed time on the box, sit back and let the magic happen.
Box dyes and at-home hair cuts could never replace professionals. Before altering your hair, recognize that the results will not be similar to those a stylist that has spent years perfecting can create. However, the hair is yours to do whatever you want with. If cutting your bangs or having purple hair helps cope with the current situation of the world, then all the more power to you. May your hand be steady and your colors vibrant. Happy styling.

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