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Out of the Ordinary National Holidays

Many of us can easily recite the most popular holidays that are celebrated in America annually. Special days like Halloween and Independence Day bring families together and give people a chance to relax and celebrate. Although many of these days are staples in American culture and millions of people celebrate them each year, there are many other nationally-recognized holidays in America that go unnoticed. These holidays can provide dozens of new ideas for events, activities, and ways to celebrate while spending quality time with friends and the people you love. The month of September alone hosts 136 holidays, none too small to go unappreciated. 

Monday, Sept. 21: International Day of Peace

This international holiday is celebrated yearly around the world as a time for peace and harmony. The United Nations originally created this holiday as a moment to pause and call for nonviolence and human kindness. To celebrate this holiday, many people around the world take a moment of silence at 12 p.m. local time called the “Minute of Silence” to help create a peace wave that spreads throughout each country. There will also be Peace Day feasts, sing-a-longs, dance parties, and celebrations happening all throughout the day.

Tuesday, Sept. 22: National Elephant Appreciation Day

Created in 1996 to celebrate the largest land animal in the world, National Elephant Appreciation Day is one of the few animal-related national holidays in America. The holiday was created to spread awareness and appreciation for both African and Asian elephants and to help raise money for their protection. Ways to celebrate include visiting your local zoo or elephant sanctuary, or painting a picture of your favorite elephant habitat. 

Wednesday, Sept. 23: National Dogs in Politics Day

This day is a special celebration honoring the “first dogs” of the United States. Throughout history, many presidents and first ladies have brought their beloved pets into the office with them, and many dogs have held the title of first dog within the U.S. government. Almost every president has brought a dog into the White House, and dogs are known for their companionship and comforting abilities to their owners. Celebrate your dog today, and all the dogs of the world! Visit your local animal shelter or stop at PetSmart to grab a new chew toy for your beloved friend. 

Thursday, Sept. 24: World Bollywood Day

Bollywood is a widely represented part of Indian culture and often heavily influences the movies and music created in America. World Bollywood Day is a chance for every country to celebrate the history and influence of Bollywood on the world’s entertainment industry. Some of the most  viewed Bollywood dance movies are “Street Dancer,” “ABCD 2,” “Aaja Nachle” and “Taal.” Check out a Bollywood film you haven’t seen, or take a virtual tour of historic and entertainment sites in India to celebrate this day! 

Friday, Sept. 25: National Lobster Day

Calling all Mainers! National Lobster Day is a chance for New England to celebrate what they are best known for: seafood! Although this national holiday is celebrated all over America, Maine especially knows how to prepare a lobster and hold fun seafood-related activities and festivals. Lobster-lovers can check out a new seafood restaurant, take a trip to the coast and tour a lobster boat or spend time with family at home and cook up a lobster from the local grocery store. 

Each of these holidays has its own page at, where you can also find the entire list of all national holidays by month and day. Happy celebrating!

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