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New Halloween Netflix release has Adam Sandler fans laughing

4/5 Stars

On Oct. 7, 2020, Netflix released its newest Halloween original movie, “Hubie Halloween.” Starring well-known comedic actor Adam Sandler, this fall favorite didn’t fail to impress.

With a run time of 1 hour and 42 minutes and a rating of PG-13, the film has already hit No. 1 on Netflix’s charts and has fans on social media talking. Sandler’s unique personality brought the movie to life and made it something to love. The movie was full of punch lines and funny phrases only an actor as esteemed as Sandler could execute flawlessly. 

The plot centered around a man named Hubie Dubois who both has a love for his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts and a love for all decorations and activities related to Halloween. Although his spirit is admired, he usually finds himself being the brunt of every joke and mocked by both parents and kids in the town. As a good-natured citizen of the community, Hubie is shocked to learn of a real crime committed in his town and vows to get to the bottom of it. With help along the way and support from his high school crush and his mom, Hubie’s underappreciated humor and love for the town starts to get noticed by those he loves.

Members of the cast include Sandler as Hubie Dubois, Noah Schnapp who plays Tommy Valentine, Paris Berelc as Megan and Kevin James who plays Sergeant Steve Downey. The film also includes appearances by many well-known supporting actors who are seen in many Sandler films. These stars include Jackie Sandler as Tracy Phillips, Rob Schneider as Richie Hartman, Maya Rudolph as Mrs. Hennessey, Tim Meadows who plays Mr. Hennessey and Ben Stiller who plays Orderly Hal. 

Sandler and Tim Herlihy wrote and produced the film. It was directed by Steven Brill, who is known for directing the 2018 Netflix Original titled, “Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh.” Sandler and the rest of the cast were dressed in fashionable fall clothing, and on the night of Halloween many of the actors wore colorful costumes that are staples of the festive season. Some were dressed as characters like Harley Quinn, the Headless Horseman, the Tin Man, Scream, Freddy Mercury and Red Riding Hood. 

Sandler’s character Hubie also sported a large red swiss army thermos that had hundreds of uses and helped shapeshift into whatever he needed to get out of sticky situations. The thermos transformed into functional tools like an umbrella, a screwdriver, a flashlight and dozens of others as he needed them, and he carried it with him in every scene of the movie.

The acting of the cast was realistic and full of humor, and even the minor characters in the film had their time to shine and held a lasting impression. Every character developed their own distinct personality and was seen growing and adapting to each situation the plot put them in. This, along with the festive music score and the Halloween decorations set all around the town of Salem made for an exciting and enjoyable movie to watch.

Overall, “Hubie Halloween” is a festive favorite that helps to get you in the fall spirit and take your mind off of everything else going on in the world. Although it includes many adult jokes and a few inappropriate innuendos, this movie is one of a kind and suitable for most families and for any college student looking for a fun movie to watch on a night off.

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