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New Netflix rom-com puts a hilarious spin on French romance

Released on Oct. 2, 2020, Netflix’s newest comedy-drama series, “Emily in Paris” has rom-com fans buzzing. Starring actress Lily Collins, the series brings a fresh and binge-worthy romantic comedy to the streaming service. Created by Darren Star, the show features one 10-episode season which includes episodes that range from 20-40 minutes long. Each episode is titled by a catchphrase that accurately prepares fans for what they can expect during the episode.

The series revolves around a hard-working and fashionable young woman named Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, who gets an opportunity to work for a marketing firm in Paris. Her boss in America finds out she is pregnant, and Emily gets the chance to move her life from Chicago to France and work in Europe for one year. Emily’s journey is met with many trials and struggles, but it is also a rewarding and eye-opening experience for a woman who has never traveled abroad. 

With punchy comedic lines and sass, the show never has a dull moment and makes sure to keep its audience on their toes. Emily’s French coworkers at the marketing firm give her a hard time which takes Emily some time adjusting to as a woman who is used to the ways of America. 

The cast includes Lucas Bravo, who plays Emily’s downstairs neighbor Gabriel, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, as Emily’s new French boss, Sylvie and Camille Razat as Camille, Gabriel’s girlfriend and Emily’s friend. Each actor is dressed in fashionable French clothing that well reflects their character’s personality and style, including Emily who always shows up to work in the most daring, bold and colorful choices. 

The first episode of the series introduces viewers to Emily’s character and story, while also setting up the plot with the background information needed going forward. The characters who are playing roles in America behave much differently than the ones Emily encounters once she moves to France. This makes it hard for Emily to adjust to her new surroundings, which is a relatable experience for any American traveling abroad to a new place with a different culture.

The setting of Paris where Emily lives and works is vibrant and romantic. It well reflects the adventurous and spontaneous side of her personality that she is being forced to embrace during this time of change. Her small apartment overlooks a beautiful view of the city and always keeps her on her toes with its quirks, broken showers and vintage charm. The setting adds depth and romance to the show and allows viewers to fall in love with the city and see it with fresh eyes, just as Emily’s character does. 

Collins’ French co-star Bravo plays Emily’s acquaintance and eventual love interest in the show, who happens to be a well-respected chef and her downstairs neighbor. As a large part of each episode, Bravo’s character is realistic, charming and down to earth. Collins and Bravo have immaculate on-screen chemistry, making their interactions as tense and refreshing as one needs from a rom-com. 

The soundtrack to the series is a mixture of contemporary pop music as well as French love songs that help create the atmosphere of romance in each episode. The actors are mostly French and blend seamlessly into the world that the producers have been created for Emily in Paris. Emily’s strong and quirky personality is the star of the show, and the thing that I look forward to most every time I watch it.

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