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THIS WEEK: National holidays Oct. 12 through Oct. 16

Monday: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

First designated a national holiday in 1971, Indigenous Peoples’ Day aims to celebrate Native American heritage and recognize the historical racism the observation of Columbus Day represents. As the University of Maine campus has made an effort to host conversations with the Wabanaki Center and surrounding community to emphasize native culture on campus (apparent by the bilingual signage put in place in 2019), the state of Maine recognized Indigenous Peoples’ Day in 2019 with the same notion in mind. As one of 15 states in the U.S. celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day, get involved by making an effort to learn about your local Indigenous culture. Read a book by an Indigenous author or admire local Indigenous artwork or support or donate to Indigenous organizations.

Tuesday: National Savings Day

Oct. 13, 2020 is National Savings Day. On this day, not just saving money is celebrated, though it always helps to set away a rainy day fund. Whether you’re helping others save by tipping a little extra on a meal out or saving your own change in a swear jar, saving can even mean putting aside photographs of memorable moments with friends and family. Whatever the term “savings” means to you, be sure to celebrate on Oct. 13 because everyone saves in some way. It’s easy to take part in National Savings Day on social media by using the #NationalSavingsDay. 

Wednesday: National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day

Oct. 14, 2020 is National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day. Although National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day is common among primary school aged children and their parents, this holiday can be celebrated across all ages by grabbing take-out and sitting in a park or socially-distanced at home. For those who have children in school, the opportunity to eat lunch in the school environment can be beneficial for the school system as parents can provide their input on the school lunches and related policies. If one has a child who doesn’t like to talk about their days or what they’re doing in school, this day can be a great opportunity for parents to learn about their children’s educational experience. 

Thursday: National Mushroom Day

On Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020, the U.S. celebrates National Mushroom Day. National Mushroom Day is a day to celebrate the wide variety of fascinating fungi we call mushrooms. Whether you enjoy eating mushrooms in a festive fall dish, appreciate their beauty in the woods from a walking trail or simply enjoy learning about mushrooms, this day is perfect to celebrate these fascinating species. To celebrate mushrooms, one can adventure outside and go on a scavenger hunt to spot as many species as you can, or even make a fun art piece from paint or clay. 

Friday: National Feral Cat Day

Friday, Oct. 16, 2020 is National Feral Cat Day. This holiday aims to change our views on what we know to be feral cats. There is a huge stigma around feral cats, but really, feral cats are just cats that don’t have a specific home. To celebrate National Feral Cat Day, you can leave cat food out in a dish on one’s yard, or even on the sidewalk if you see signs of feral cats in your area or raise awareness about the feral cat situation in one’s neighborhood. One can do this by word of mouth, on social media or even by putting up flyers so drivers and pedestrians can see to be on the lookout for feral cats and promote feline health and safety. 

To keep up-to-date with our regularly featured holidays, follow us @themainecampus on Instagram and view our Friday stories for a pinch of fun, or backtrack to ones you may have missed under our “Holidays” story highlight. For more information on national holidays and take part in everyday celebrations, please visit to stay up-to-date on ways to celebrate.

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