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THIS WEEK: National Holidays Oct. 19 through Oct. 23

Although the month of October is usually thought of as our spooky lead-up to Halloween, there are National Holidays on each day that bring additional ideas for fun this fall season!

Monday, Oct. 19: National New Friends Day

Celebrate your friends! Use this day to remind the people you love that they matter and that you’re thinking of them. Your closest and most valuable friendships often come when you least expect them to. Take the time to send a nice letter, take your friends out to lunch or even send a quick text or email to show some love! Making friends in college is one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of the experience, so introduce yourself to your neighbors or say hello to someone new you pass in the hall. Ways to celebrate can include bringing your new friends some much-needed Aroma Joe’s coffee in the morning or picking them up for a shopping spree.

Tuesday, Oct. 20: International Sloth Day

Calling all animal lovers! Sloths are one of the world’s most fascinating creatures and are seen in many countries all over the globe. Known for their slow movements and sleeping habits, sloths are always worth appreciation and recognition. Wildlife is a big part of our world,  especially since we live in Maine, so make sure to remember how much not only sloths but our own furry friends mean to us. Ways to celebrate this day include visiting your local animal shelter, taking a trip to the zoo, FaceTiming with your pets from home or even giving your own pet extra love and hugs. Taking naps is also a great way to celebrate and pay tribute to the sloths!

Wednesday, Oct. 21: National Apple Day

National Apple Day is the perfect day to grab some friends and head to the orchards! There are many local and statewide places to visit throughout Maine that have fruit and apple picking during this time of year. Apples are a healthy and enjoyable way to get fiber, natural sugar and other nutrients that start your day off right! Ways to celebrate can include taking a trip to Treworgy Orchards and picking apples with friends, going to the store to grab apples for a quick snack or making a delicious apple pie. 

Thursday, Oct. 22: International Stuttering Awareness Day

Stuttering is an often overlooked speech disorder that affects millions of Americans and people all over the world. Although this is true, it is often under-diagnosed and something that people don’t talk about. International Stuttering Awareness Day is a health-related holiday and sheds light on speech disorders that deserve more understanding and recognition. A way to celebrate this day would be to spend time talking with a person in your life who has a speech disorder to remind them how much you care, or send a thank you message to someone you know who is a Speech Therapist or wants to pursue a career helping others. 

Friday, Oct. 23: National Croc Day

Attention all Croc wearers! This is a day that celebrates you and your beloved versatile loafers. Crocs are a New England staple and can be worn in almost every type of weather possible. Coming in hundreds of different colors and style options, there is a choice for every fan to love. Crocs are known for their unique look and functional design and are worn by many healthcare professionals and people working in the medical industry. To celebrate this day, make sure to walk around campus showing off your favorite pair of crocs, or compliment someone else if you see them wearing a pair!

To keep up-to-date with our regularly featured holidays, follow us @themainecampus on Instagram and view our weekly stories for a pinch of fun, or backtrack to ones you may have missed under our “Holidays” story highlight. For more information on national holidays and take part in everyday celebrations, please visit to stay up-to-date on ways to celebrate.

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