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THIS WEEK: National Holidays Oct. 5 through Oct. 11

Monday: World Teachers’ Day

Created in 1994 by UNESCO, Oct. 5 was set aside to acknowledge the vital role teachers play in nurturing and enriching lives across the globe. This year’s theme is “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future,” in keeping with how the profession has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps take some time to reflect on some of the mentors you’ve had that shaped you into the person you are today (hopefully for the better). A few ways to celebrate might be to thank an inspiring instructor you currently have for their dedication and commitment to the job, or send a letter or gift to a past teacher. In your lifelong quest for knowledge, a teacher is your most trusted companion.

Tuesday: National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day

Are you a daughter? Do you have parents? You may be entitled to financial compensation. On this most special of days, parents are encouraged to send their darling daughters bursting envelopes sealed with kisses and stuffed with bills. In today’s digital age, that might extend to Venmo, Cash App or any sort of internet based instant transfer as well. This may seem like some malformed bit of advertising on the part of some financial institution, and well, it is. The holiday was created by Western Union, a wire transfer service that’s existed since 1872. If you fall into the daughter category you can participate in the day’s festivities by giving your loving parents a nudge, and having them send you some much needed economic stimulus.

Wednesday: National Frappe Day

With your earnings from the previous day’s activities you can (hopefully) take part in National Frappe Day. To do this, simply visit your local coffee house, chain or otherwise, and pick up a cold treat. Not all chains participate, as this holiday is lesser known than many of its caffeinated counterparts, but it may be worth asking your barista if there are any deals. 

Thursday: National Depression Screening Day

Now, perhaps more than ever due to COVID-19 isolation, it is important to examine what depression is and how to identify its symptoms. The holiday, first celebrated in 1991, aims to spread awareness, and to get those who are hurting the help they need. You can participate by reaching out to those around you who might need help, educating yourself on the signs of depression and how to combat it, speaking up about your own experiences and by contributing to charities that screen patients.

Friday: World Post Day

Established in 1969, World Post Day celebrates postal service all across the globe, highlighting advancements in communication and package delivery, as well as reminding us of the many ways in which we are connected to one another. The profession of mail carrying has been around for a millenium! To partake in the day’s celebrations send someone you know a letter or package, or thank your local mail carrier. For those who want to go the extra mile like the heroes in blue so often do, brush up on the history and some of the core values associated with the formation of the United States Postal Service.

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