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Iconic rock band AC/DC brings back their classic sound in a new release

On Nov. 13, legendary rock band AC/DC released their album, “Power Up.” Dedicated to the late founder and guitarist Malcolm Young, the record does not fail to impress with its 12 fun songs. 

The first song in the album, “Realize” gets things off to an upbeat start with AC/DC’s iconic rock sound with strong guitar and drum leads. The current members of the band include Angus Young on lead guitar, Brian Johnson on lead vocals, Phil Rudd on drums, Cliff Williams as bass guitarist and backing vocals and Stevie Young as rhythm guitar and backing vocals. 

Originally formed in Sydney, Australia in 1973, the band has made many changes over the years to their appearance and members. One thing that has always remained consistent, however, is their unmistakable sound. 

“Power Up” is the band’s 17th studio album, following their 2014 release of the album “Rock or Bust” that was rumored to be the band’s final album together. “Power Up” is a highly anticipated and surprising revival of the band and the sound that is familiar to all of its fans. 

Compared to their very first album from 1975 titled, “High Voltage,” “Power Up” has a more mature, stylized, structured and improved sound. The band seems to be focusing more on the quality of their music and the content of their lyrics rather than having fun and giving people something to dance around to, and it really shows. 

One of my favorite songs in the album, “Shot in the Dark,” is a guitar-heavy track that features strong lead vocals and a subject matter often seen in AC/DC’s earlier songs. The song is about having fun, learning how to let loose and remembering to stop and enjoy yourself once in a while.

Another song in the album, “Kick You When You’re Down,” is a comical tribute to all of the people in life who have felt the need to beat others down and to make them feel worse when they are already in a tough situation. Sounding more aggressive and heavy metal than other songs in the album, this was a refreshing addition to the mix and fit well in the middle of the song list. The lyrics, “As you’re slipping down the wall / And you’re heading for a fall / As you’re slipping down the wall / Why do they kick you when you’re down?” make up most of the chorus and they are asking fans why people try to strike when you are at your lowest. 

The cover of the album displays the classic hard rock band’s giant neon logo with its signature lightning bolt in a striking red color. It provides the backdrop for a dimly-lit stage setting with scattered instruments and scaffolding. Compared to the band’s wide variety of album covers in the past, this is one of their most straightforward and modern. 

“Witch’s Spell” is a song with solid, grunge vocals and a head-nodding beat. It tells a fantastical tale about a witch’s spell, moonbeams and starlight. Some of the other songs on the album include “Wild Reputation,” which has a similar message to “Kick You When You’re Down,” and “Code Red,” which focuses on overcoming obstacles and “beating out the blues” to come out stronger and better than before. 

In a time where concert attendance is limited and it’s hard to experience the thrill and feeling of good music, this album could not have come faster. It is refreshing, consistent, upbeat and nostalgic while also bringing us something new. It is definitely worth listening to, even if it is just to pump you up in your car before a work shift.

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