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National Holidays Nov. 16 through Nov. 21

Monday: International Day for Tolerance

In 1995, the United Nations created the International Day for Tolerance with the goal of spreading awareness of injustice around the world, hoping to promote an opposite, empathetic response to those who may be different from ourselves. To celebrate this holiday, begin by talking with friends and mentors and learn about other cultures, highlighting those who may share a different perspective or way of life even in your own area, if not around the world. Get acquainted with forms of intolerance needing remediation within the United States and seek out organizations campaigning for change. 

Tuesday: National Take a Hike Day

As the chilly season approaches, this may be one of the last weeks with temperatures consistently above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Take advantage of it now and go for a hike! To celebrate, there are many trails within the Orono and Old Town area such as the University of Maine DeMeritt Forest recreational trails, along with trails just a little south in the Bangor City Forest. Take advantage of this day by having some socially-distanced fun outside.

Wednesday: National Vichyssoise Day

Vichyssoise, otherwise known as a chilled potato and leek soup, is celebrated on this day as a tasty meal before the weather cools down entirely. Its French inventor, Louis Diat, credits both his mother and grandmother for the soup in a 1950s New Yorker Magazine, explaining how he used to cool the dish off during the summertime with milk. To try this recipe for yourself, NYT Cooking, Martha Stewart and Simply Recipes offer great options to get you started. 

Thursday: National Play Monopoly Day

An American classic board game, Nov. 19 is National Play Monopoly Day and a perfect excuse to spend a notoriously long afternoon with friends or family. For those who have not played, Monopoly is a board game with the goal of buying property to make as much money as possible while bankrupting all of your opponents and avoiding fees, or worse, jail. There are multiple editions of this game such as Harry Potter, National Parks and Bob Ross Monopoly-themed boards, so pick your favorite and sit down for some friendly competition.

Friday: National Child’s Day

Created in 2001 by Lee Rechter, this holiday aims to recognize each child’s potential and take note of how best we can foster children’s growth and learning around us. During this time, learning and social development have been difficult especially for younger children entering a primarily online environment. For those who have children in their lives, take a moment to celebrate this holiday, noticing your child’s interests and setting aside a chunk of time to dedicate to them. 

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