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National Holidays: Nov. 30 through Dec. 4

Monday: National Personal Space Day

Nov. 30 is the day to beat when it comes to national holidays, this one focusing on the importance of keeping the distance and staying a safe space apart. Given the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, Monday’s holiday, National Personal Space Day, is important to celebrate during a global pandemic. Celebrate this holiday by being empathetic and respectful to people who aren’t in our households with plenty of space. 

Nov. 30 is also National Mason Jar Day, National Mousse Day and National Mississippi Day. Nov. 30 is commonly praised for being Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving when people tend to find shopping deals that remain after Black Friday sales. 

Tuesday: National Pie Day

Dec. 1 is National Pie Day. Pie as in the delicious homemade treat we enjoy after a meal with our families, and pi, the number 3.14159 and so on for infinity. Celebrate this day by making a pie with friends or family members or by buying a pie from a local business. If you want to get fancy, see how many digits of the number pi you can recite!

National Eat a Red Apple Day is also on Dec. 1. Eating an apple a day is important for one’s health, plus apples are delicious. There are many ways to enjoy an apple. One can eat a slice of pie or apple crisp. You could even simply eat a crisp, refreshing apple straight from the grocery store — even applesauce can count. Additionally, Dec. 1 is National Day of Giving. It is commonly referred to as Giving Tuesday. Many people associate the hashtag, #GivingTuesday, with this day. 

Wednesday: National Mutt Day

Dec. 2 is important for those who love our canine friends. National Mutt Day celebrates mixed-breed dogs and encourages us to save and love these dogs throughout the year. Adopting a dog is the most straight-forward way to celebrate this national holiday. However, this may be a difficult endeavor for a variety of reasons. If one can’t adopt, it is possible to celebrate this national holiday by volunteering at an animal shelter or even donating to them. To encourage those around us to celebrate this holiday, share a post on social media of a memory with a dog in the past, or present, and use the hashtag, #NationalMuttDay. 

Thursday & Friday: Too Many to Choose!

Dec. 3 and Dec. 4 encompass a variety of national holidays. Dec. 3 is National Roof Over Your Head Day and National Package Protection Day. National Cookie Day, National Sock Day and National Bartender Day are all on Dec. 4. If you feel these holidays are personally relevant, appreciate the roof over your head, embrace the privilege of receiving an undamaged package in the mail, and celebrate cookies, socks and bartenders. For many of us, appreciating the roof over our heads can be positive and reflective. One way in which to celebrate the roof over our heads is to donate to a homeless shelter, volunteer at a soup kitchen or even simply enjoy a night in with your pets and loved ones and watch a movie.

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