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November brings new holidays and festive cheer

Happy November! Now that the crisp leaves are almost done falling, the snow is sprinkling and holiday drinks are at Starbucks, it’s almost time for the holiday season! What better way to start the season off right than to celebrate with even more holidays? Here are five national holidays in November to keep you and your friends having fun this month. Remember, there is always a reason to celebrate!

Monday, Nov. 9: National Art Museum Day

National Art Museum Day will be a great day to grab some friends and explore new places. Whether it’s to the Zillman Art Museum in downtown Bangor or a trip to campus to view the Lord Hall Art Gallery, there are plenty of ways to get out and celebrate this holiday! Art is a valuable part of our culture that is all around us, as seen in the many sculptures around campus. Make sure to give your artistic friends a text of appreciation, or visit your favorite piece of art to celebrate this day.

Tuesday, Nov. 10: National Vanilla Cupcake Day

Who doesn’t love a fresh vanilla cupcake? Stop by your local bakery on Tuesday and pick up a delicious treat on the way to campus! If you find yourself running late or are in the mood to stay in, you can always order a cupcake for pickup using an app like Doordash or Uber Eats. Cupcakes are delicious, inexpensive and a perfect way to get your week off to a good start and do something small for yourself — you deserve it! Ways to celebrate include supporting a local business and picking up some cupcakes for friends, or grabbing ingredients at Hannaford and making your own. Make this day as sweet as a treat, and always remember to take time for yourself and splurge on dessert once in a while.

Wednesday, Nov. 11: National Singles Day

This one’s for all the single ladies, as Beyoncé says! Wednesday is a day meant to celebrate you. The winter season is a time meant for chilly weather, laughter and hot chocolate, so make sure to give yourself some love and appreciate your independence. Take yourself out for a shopping spree, go out to dinner, have a movie night in with a face mask and remember that this is the time to do things that make you happy. Relationships might be blossoming during this time of year, but learning to love yourself and to celebrate being independent is the most important thing.

Thursday, Nov. 12: National Happy Hour Day

Thursday is National Happy Hour Day. It is a day to celebrate friends, eat good food and enjoy a festive drink (if you are 21 of course). This holiday is all about bringing people together and being happy, so make sure to do something for yourself and others today. Remind a friend how much you mean to them and take them out for a treat! It can be a pizza at OHOP, an Aroma Joes latte or even some Olive Garden breadsticks. 

Friday, Nov. 13: World Kindness Day

Being kind to someone can make their day and turn their entire mood around, which is what this holiday is all about! Not only is this a national holiday, but it is celebrated around the world as a day for spreading joy and kindness to everyone around you. Giving someone a smile, helping someone with their books or even holding open the door can make someone’s day brighter and can leave a lasting impact. No kind act goes unnoticed, so make sure to do as many nice things as you can on this day, and to leave your bright mark on the world!

All of the holidays included were found on Enjoy each day of this week and continue making memories. Happy celebrating!

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