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‘Run’: New Hulu thriller has fans on the edge of their seats

4.8/5 Stars

With many streaming platforms releasing cheerful and uplifting holiday movies, Hulu took a different route by releasing the nail-biting thriller film “Run” on Nov. 20. With a run time of 1 hour and 29 minutes, it gives suspense and horror junkies the perfect escape from the classic radio carols and inflatable lawn snowmen all around them. 

Starring Sarah Paulson as Diane Sherman and Kiera Allen as Chloe Sherman, Diane’s well-protected daughter, this duo creates a jaw-dropping atmosphere for viewers to enjoy. Paulson is well known for her roles in “American Horror Story” and “American Crime Story.” As for Allen, “Run” is only the second film she’s ever appeared in.

Additional actors in the film include Pat Healy as Mailman Tom, Sara Sohn as Nurse Kammy and Erik Athavale as the doctor.

The film is about Chloe Sherman, a teen anticipating her acceptance into college regardless of her far from normal childhood. Suffering from numerous medical conditions since birth and being wheelchair-bound, Chloe Sherman has always been overprotected by her mother, Diane Sherman, and has taken countless different medications with names she can’t even pronounce. Diane Sherman is willing to take great measures to protect Chloe Sherman, measures that may even qualify as sinister, to keep her safe and close no matter the consequences.

Hulu executes a job well done with this film by being consistent in their research, providing real definitions for health conditions as well as specific medication names along with their functions for treating certain illnesses. By including accurate details, scenarios that Chloe Sherman is put in seem perfectly real despite being fiction.

The setting and costumes for this film are lowkey and realistic. The Sherman home looks like any ordinary American home set in a quiet, rural community outside Seattle, Washington that viewers can easily picture themselves in. The clothing worn by Chloe and Diane is very conservative and modern, there is nothing flashy or gaudy in “Run,” and that’s what makes the movie even more effective and personal.

Currently, “Run” has become so successful that it has reached the record for the most watched movie premiere on Hulu to date according to Deadline. Not only did it beat the number of views for Hulu Original movies, but it had the most views of all streaming movies on the Hulu platform as a whole.

“Run” is enjoyable and thrilling simply because it isn’t predictable. Fans will constantly be on the edge of their seats, the film keeping them guessing about what is going to happen next. One never knows what Chloe and Diane Sherman’s next moves will be. If anyone is looking to get away from the overwhelming new holiday debuts, this film provides a different genre option for those who love a good, frightening mystery. Via his Nov. 23 Twitter post, even Stephen King approves, so it is definitely worth watching the next time you log in to Hulu.

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