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National Holidays: March 15 through 19

Monday: National Napping Day

With daylight savings time yesterday, today is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your sleep. It is scientifically proven that naps can be better for you than coffee or energy drinks. Whether you can take a quick nap between classes or not, even just finding a moment to sit down, breathe and ease your mind is enough to make your day less stressful. As we are midway through the semester, finding time to relax can be difficult. Don’t skip out on this national holiday — you deserve it and you’ll feel much better afterwards! March 15 is also Ides of March Day.

Tuesday: National Artichoke Day

If you have been looking for an excuse to finally try out some new foods and recipes, today is the perfect opportunity for it. Take the time with friends and family to cook your favorite recipes with artichokes, or even try out new artichoke recipes. Artichokes are from the Mediterranean and have been eaten all the way since the eighth century. In the U.S. today, more than 99% of our artichokes are grown in California. So get cooking and make the best out of National Artichoke Day. March 16 is also National Panda Day.

Wednesday: St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you are Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a day for everyone to celebrate. This holiday celebrates the famous Irish patron saint who brought Christianity to Ireland. The first ever St. Patrick’s Day parade actually took place in America, not Ireland, in 1601. Make sure to wear green today, drink beer and whiskey (if you are 21 or older) and celebrate all things Irish.

Thursday: National Close the Gap Day

Every year on the third Thursday of March, National Close the Gap Day takes place to advocate for Australia’s Indigenous people. On this day, Australians from all over America take action to work towards better health and living conditions for the Indigenous people in Australia, as well as spread awareness about the conditions they live in. Even if you are not Australian, you can still help spread the word to raise awareness. Find an organization to donate to or spread awareness on social media. The opportunities are endless. March 18 is also Awkward Moments Day, National Biodiesel Day and Absolutely Incredible Kid Day.

Friday: Certified Nurses Day

March 19 is Certified Nurses Day, celebrating nurses who have chosen to continue and further their knowledge and education in the medical field through certification. Nursing is one of America’s largest career-fields, with over 3.8 million nurses working in the country. Take time today to recognize and thank the nurses around you, especially as they are working harder than ever to help treat people during the pandemic. With COVID-19 still upon us, it is an understatement to say that our nurses are essential superheroes. March 19 is also National Let’s Laugh Day, National Poultry Day and Red Nose Day.

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