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National Holidays: March 22 through 26

Monday: World Water Day

Created in 1993, we kick off our week of holidays with World Water Day, not only created to spread awareness of those who do not have access to clean, plentiful water, but to value water as having an impact on our local culture. What does water mean to you? To celebrate World Water Day, visit to learn more about global water concerns and topics. For a local focus, learn more about where your tap or well water comes from. What freshwater sources do you utilize and how might you stay aware of your own water footprint? 

Tuesday: World Meteorological Day

Just like it sounds, World Meteorological Day celebrates both the practice and those who study weather events to help predict, prepare and mitigate unusual and natural disaster situations. On March 23, 1950, the World Meteorological Organization was founded, creating a unified, international basis of weather research and reporting. First and foremost, to celebrate World Meteorological Day, be sure to check the weather this week — it’s looking up and finally into the high 50s! Second, tune into familiar weather channels such as WABI TV5 and News Center Maine and support local news. 

Wednesday: National Equal Pay Day

According to 2018 data from the United States Census Bureau, women earn 81.6 cents to every dollar earned by men, a figure that has remained stagnant two years later as observed in Payscale’s more recent 2020 data of 81 cents per dollar. To celebrate National Equal Pay Day, transparency is key. Share your story with friends or by a timely post on social media to spread awareness. Within your sphere, you could even strike up what might be an uncomfortable conversation and discover where you stand in relation to those working alongside you. 

Thursday: International Waffle Day

Whether you like indulgent, fluffy Belgian waffles or simply cannot “L’Eggo my Eggo,” celebrate International Waffle Day on March 25 by waking up early and enjoying a sweet treat. There is are a great variety of waffle toppings and textures around the world, including the cookie-like stroopwafel from Amsterdam with its sweet toppings, pizzelles from Italy which have a wafer texture and are topped with powdered sugar and Belgain waffles, similar to American waffles in their fluffy texture. To celebrate International Waffle Day, sample toppings and textures from around the world or even more simply, shop local and celebrate in the American-style by adding fresh fruits and maple syrup from some freshly-tapped trees. 

Friday: National Spinach Day

To counteract the sweetness of International Waffle Day, lighten up your palette with a nutrient-packed punch. Not only is spinach rich in iron, but it’s also a substantial supplement of vitamin C and K, folic acid and calcium. Celebrate today by making your favorite recipes that incorporate spinach such as spinach-stuffed chicken, a cheesy, baked spinach casserole or a springtime fresh spinach salad with apple, pecan, feta and a maple cider vinaigrette. 

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