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National Holidays: April 12 through 16

Monday: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

April 12 is the perfect Monday to prepare a staple American comfort food: a grilled cheese sandwich. Whether you have a recipe you stick to and love or you want to experiment, take time today on National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day to indulge in the gooey goodness. Try making a sandwich with cheddar, swiss or provolone, or even try it with rye bread instead of white or wheat. The opportunities are endless when it comes to personalizing your grilled cheese order. As the weather is getting warmer, you could even have a grilled cheese sandwich picnic with friends.

Tuesday: National Peach Cobbler Day

April 13 is National Peach Cobbler Day! If your sweet tooth has been grabbing your attention lately, today is the day to tame that craving. Gather with friends or family and get creative by making your own peach cobbler. If you don’t like peaches, substitute them for another fruit such as apples or cherries. Even if classes get in the way of baking and celebrating this delectable dessert, look up the menus of local restaurants. You may get lucky and find peach cobbler ready to order! April 13 is also National Scrabble Day, National Make Lunch Count Day and International Be Kind to Lawyers Day.

Wednesday: National Gardening Day

April 14 is National Gardening Day. As spring has arrived, now is the perfect opportunity to plant  a garden. Head over to Lowe’s or Home Depot to pick out the best plants and flowers for your indoor or outdoor arrangements. Make sure to pick out plants that will flourish and prosper in the type of environment you hope to plant them in. If outdoor gardening isn’t your cup of tea, plant an indoor houseplant in a pot. Houseplants make a beautiful addition to your home’s character and charm, and most often they are fairly easy to care for. April 14 is also National Ex-Spouse Day, National Look Up at the Sky Day and International Moment of Laughter Day.

Thursday: National Laundry Day

April 15 is National Laundry Day. With the semester soon coming to a close and assignments beginning to pile up, take today to catch up on laundry you have been needing to do. Instead of thinking of it as a chore, think of it as self-care. Make it fun by doing your laundry with your friends. Take a deep breath and feel like your best self in your freshly washed clothes. Remember, washing sheets and bedding is just as important as washing clothes, too! April 15 is also National High Five Day and Tax Day.

Friday: National Librarian Day

April 16 is National Librarian Day. Take today to show your librarian appreciation for all that they do. Whether they helped you find the perfect book for your essay or created a research guide for your class, send a thank you their way for helping you and the entire student body in achieving their best academic work thanks to library resources. A librarian’s job is vital to the success of any academic institution. April 16 is also National Eggs Benedict Day and Wear Pajamas to Work Day.

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