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National Holidays: April 19 through 23

Monday: National Garlic Day

Do you have a vampire problem? Ward off the evil undead with National Garlic Day. As an immune-boosting spice, what better time than during a global pandemic to add a pinch more garlic than usual? Additionally, garlic is proven to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, though maybe not when coupled with an indulgent garlic-bread recipe by Delish that even Olive Garden would be jealous of. To celebrate, decide on how best to incorporate garlic into your diet. Add it to a bowl of choice veggies and protein, popcorn or save it for comfort food like garlic bread or garlic potatoes. 

Tuesday: National Look-Alike Day

Today, we’re seeing double. Similar to Twin Day, National Look-Alike Day lets you dress up like a friend or a celebrity someone swears you look just like. To celebrate, grab your best friend and aim for “The Parent Trap” level of twinness when picking out a hairdo, outfit and accessories. Could you successfully switch places? Today, ask a friend which celebrity they think you look the most like or if they’ve seen your doppelganger in town. Especially at a school as big as the University of Maine, there’s only a 1:135 chance you’ll find someone who looks exactly like you. Keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday: National Tea Day

Established in 2016, National Tea Day was created on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday as a way to enjoy a classic beverage and pretend you’re royalty. Consisting of not only herbal, fruit, black, white and green varieties, teas are heavily ingrained in the development of culture worldwide, each region specializing in a particular variety. To celebrate National Tea Day, research where your favorite tea comes from. Is your tea locally sourced? Is your tea ethically produced? Additionally, if you tend to stick to one variety of tea, spice it up and try something new.  

Thursday: Earth Day

Created in 1969 as a result of a Santa Barbara, California oil spill, Earth Day aims to promote a healthy, sustainable earth. With climate change looming on the horizon, there are several ways to celebrate earth day this year, big and small. 1) Take a look at your water usage and conservation. Do you leave the tap on while you brush your teeth? 2) Evaluate your diet. Meat and agriculture production have incredible environmental impacts that can easily be reduced by conscious eating. 3) Upcycle and recycle old textiles and plastics. If your plastic bottles have been stacking up over time, take today to turn them in for a little cash and a lot of recycling. 

Friday: World Book Day

End the week with World Book Day. First established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1995, this holiday aims to promote literacy and creativity found by cracking open an exciting new title. To enjoy World Book Day, wander into the stacks of UMaine’s Fogler Library and ask a librarian what their favorite recommended reading is for this month or browse through Bustle’s April 2021 top picks. Revisit your childhood favorites by reading to a younger friend or family member today and cherish the magic of getting lost in a book!

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