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National Holidays: Sept. 20 through Sept. 24

Monday: National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Pepperoni pizza is a famous dish in many U.S. households, making National Pepperoni Pizza Day a great day to order a slice. Pizza in general has always been known for bringing people together. Family and friends can grab a slice at a get together and it is usually a fan favorite. One fun fact is that pepperoni pizza is a purely American dish, even though pizza itself originates from Italy. Take today to gather those you care about and share a slice of cheesy, delicious pepperoni pizza! Sept. 20 is also National Fried Rice Day, National Queso Day and National String Cheese Day.

Tuesday: National Chai Day

Sept. 21 celebrates chai tea, a tasteful and healthy drink that is enjoyed by people globally. According to, chai is a sweet Indian tea drink that is generally made with spices such as cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper. Chai tea can be dated back to around 5,000 years ago, where it was made for medicinal purposes as well as a special drink for royalty. So sit back and relax today with a cup of chai in your hand, because you deserve to feel like royalty. Sept. 21 is also International Day of Peace, Miniature Golf Day, National IT Professionals Day and National Pecan Cookie Day.

Wednesday: Fall Equinox

Summer has finally come to an end. Don’t fret, though, because with the arrival of fall there are plenty of fun-filled activities to enjoy! According to, the fall equinox, in astronomical terms, occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator heading south. To celebrate this event, make sure you visit a pumpkin patch, complete a corn maze, drink apple cider and eat apple cider donuts, carve a pumpkin and get your Halloween costume prepared. Fall has so much to offer when it comes to activities to do with friends and family. The winter solstice will creep up before you know it, so take today to plan out your spectacular fall agenda! Sept. 22 is also American Business Women’s Day, Dear Diary Day and National Ice Cream Cone Day.

Thursday: Innergize Day

Today is all about stepping back and rejuvenating your mind and body. As we plunge further into the semester, responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming. From work to classes to maintaining a social life, Innergize Day gives you the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Do what you love and what makes you feel at peace. Take a stroll through the woods, dive into your coloring book or even take a well-deserved nap. Every now and then, we all need a little breather. Deciding to take that breather, however, shouldn’t cause you guilt, as it is vital to maintaining a healthy mindset and lifestyle! Sept. 23 is also International Day of Sign Languages, National Dogs in Politics Day, Celebrate Bisexuality Day and National Checkers Day.

Friday: National Cherries Jubilee Day

You’re probably thinking: what in the world is cherries jubilee? Cherries jubilee is a sweet dessert dish made from both cherries and a liqueur. According to, the liqueur used can either be brandy or Kirschwasser. Many also opt to serve ice cream with it! This yummy dish dates back to the age of Queen Victoria, having been served for the first time at one of her jubilee celebrations. Celebrate on Friday by making this unique dessert for all your loved ones, or even just for yourself! Sept. 24 is also German Sandwich Day, National Punctuation Day and World Bollywood Day.

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