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National Holidays: Oct. 4 through Oct. 8

Monday: National Cinnamon Roll Day

Kick off the cooler days of fall by filling your belly with something sweet and warm like a cinnamon roll, since today is National Cinnamon Roll Day. According to, cinnamon rolls date way back to around 2000 B.C., imported from Egypt to China. Enjoyed by hundreds of families today for breakfast, this decadent house-filling aroma is always a catch. Be creative when making your cinnamon rolls: Make pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls or try cream cheese frosting! Oct. 4 is also National Golf Lovers Day, National Taco Day and World Animal Day.

Tuesday: National Do Something Nice Day

Today is National Do Something Nice Day. Pay it forward today with an act of kindness to either a stranger or a friend or family member. Pay for the coffee order behind you in line, or simply give someone walking by with a compliment. You could even sign up as a volunteer for an organization in your community, help someone carry their groceries to their car or remind family members that you love and care for them. It is no secret that we should all be nice toward one another every day of the year, but take today to make sure positivity is spread far and wide. You never know who may need it. Oct. 5 is also National Get Funky Day and National Kiss a Wrestler Day.

Wednesday: National Noodle Day

Today is the perfect opportunity to be creative and let your artistic senses flow. On National Noodle Day, the recipes are limitless! Gather friends and family and create your favorite noodle dish. Whether it be store-bought or homemade ramen, chicken noodle soup or even spaghetti and meatballs, get cooking. To spice things up even more, have a cook-off gathering. Everyone can bring their favorite noodle dish and voting can determine the fan-favorite winner. Oct. 6 is also National Mad Hatter Day, National Coaches Day and National Plus Size Appreciation Day.

Thursday: National Frappe Day

Oct. 7 was made for those with a sweet tooth. Today is National Frappe Day. This popular drink can be enjoyed many different ways. Many dairy bars across New England offer frappes as a thicker milkshake made with just about any ice cream flavor and combination. On the other hand, if you head over to Starbucks or McDonald’s, it is a well-known, delicious frozen coffee beverage offered in an assortment of flavors, usually based around either caramel or mocha. Treat yourself to your favorite kind of frappe today! Oct. 7 is also National Depression Screening Day.

Friday: National Fluffernutter Day

If you’re from New England then you have surely heard of the native sandwich called the Fluffernutter. According to, in 2006 the state of Massachusetts proposed to make the Fluffernutter their official sandwich. Although the proposal failed, this famous sandwich still lives on. There have even been festivals held celebrating the condiment Fluff in New England. Similar to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, swap out the jelly for some Marshmallow Fluff and you have yourself a Fluffernutter. This national holiday is definitely one you don’t want to miss out on! Oct. 8 is also National Pierogi Day.

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