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National Holidays: Jan. 31 through Feb. 4

Monday: National Hot Chocolate Day

What better way to warm up after a blizzard than to make a cup of steaming, chocolatey hot cocoa! Jan. 31 is National Hot Chocolate Day. Grab your favorite mug and get started in the kitchen with your friends and family to see how creative you can be! Add in different types of marshmallows and other fun toppings or try out different flavors of hot cocoa like mint or white chocolate. It’ll warm up your soul and get you in the spirit on a cold, snowy Monday. Jan. 31 is also Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, National Backward Day and Eat Brussel Sprouts Day.

Tuesday: National Get Up Day

Feb. 1 is National Get Up Day. This holiday is all about inspiring you to get up after you fail when trying to accomplish something. Whether you struggle with a new hobby or even a school assignment, get yourself up and try again! According to, National Get Up Day was created by U.S. Figure Skating in 2016 as a motivational campaign to encourage determination and getting up proudly after we fall. Whatever it is you are struggling with today, tomorrow or in the future, keep your head high. It’s all about how you change your mindset and remind yourself that you can do it. Feb. 1 is also National Dark Chocolate Day, Chinese New Year and Spunky Old Broads Day.

Wednesday: Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day falls on Feb. 2 every year. Groundhog Day is when the notorious Punxsutawney Phil, an actual groundhog, determines whether or not we will experience six more weeks of winter. If he sees his shadow on this day, then superstitions say six more weeks of cold weather will be in store for us. If he doesn’t, then warmer weather and an earlier spring is expected. According to, Groundhog Day has been around since German settlers arrived in Pennsylvania in the 1700s, bringing this superstition with them. Feb. 2 is also National Tater Tot Day, National Ukulele Day and National Hedgehog Day.

Thursday: Feed the Birds Day

Feb. 3 is Feed the Birds Day, making it the perfect time to utilize all the beautiful outdoor spaces on campus. With a big botanical garden, along with numerous trails in the woods, the University of Maine is the perfect location to celebrate Feed the Birds Day. Gather your friends with some bird seed mix or even a handful of sunflower seeds and hit the trails, sprinkling it along the sides of the paths as you go. According to, now is the perfect time of year to assist birds in finding food when their stores are starting to run dry. Feb. 3 is also National Golden Retriever Day, National Missing Persons Day and National Carrot Cake Day.

Friday: World Cancer Day

Feb. 4 is World Cancer Day. To honor those who have or are battling this disease, show your support by raising awareness on social media to get people talking about the impacts of cancer. According to, there are multiple campaigns on social media you can take part in, such as #WeCanICan, Support Through Sport and Thunderclap. Spread awareness around the campus community or donate to the many organizations and associations that are fighting to find a cure. For more information, visit Feb. 4 is also National Thank a Mail Carrier Day, National Wear Red Day and National Homemade Soup Day.

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